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Loving comics and continuity seem to go hand in hand. Continuity in a character creates the history and ethos of a work of fiction that makes a reader feel invested. Especially a longtime reader who now also has nostalgia. But honestly there really isn't a rational equation in this nor should there be when you feel passionate about something you have enjoyed and loved. For me personaly, although I owned my first comic around age 8 and picked up a comic now and then off a spinner rack at 7/11, I was 11 going on 12 when Wolfman/Perez NTT came out and this was the book that made me a fan. The first book I ever bought on subscription. As an artsy/geeky preteen I loved these over the top dramatic teenagers. The new characters were created to expand the story telling. Raven would add a mystical and occult angle; Starfire opened the sci-fi cosmic corner of DC; and Victor was the product of technological advancement while struggling to remember his heart and human side. The relationships and friendships were so well fleshed out: Victor and Garfield; Dick and Donna; DIck and Kory; Donna and Kory; Wally and Raven, etc. The characters went through some amazing arcs: Raven from issue one all the way to the first arc of the Baxter series; Robin becomes Nightwing after how many years of publication as Batman's sidekick; Wally grows out of being Kid Flash, etc. They were allowed to grow up to the point that they had their own legacy characters follow them in the form of young justice and ultimately a new teen titans. The stories were mature, intelligently plotted and sophisticated wihout needing to slap a MAX label or mature reader's advisory on the cover. The villains like Trigon, Brother Blood, Deathstroke, and others were epic. I loved the run and I miss this corner of the DC universe. Without making comment on the merits or faults of post new 52, I can only say I feel estranged from a whole universe of characters I followed for 30 years and now I don't feel much affinity for new 52. The Young Justice cartoon is/was the only DC product I am really enjoying these days.

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I also read it was a network decision, related to their anniversary, not a DC or Warner Bros issue. even if that is the case, seems too last minute for a network to turn their programming around.

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Lots of hoping for Donna but she reminds me of Artemis.

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The Avenging Spider Man cover is an homage to Norman Rockwell's painting "Shiner" or "Outside the Principal's Office." But the cover that really comes closer, even with the font that looks like 1953's The Saturday Evening Post original cover, and Anole's smirk, is New X Men (Academy) #42 by the fabu Scottie Young.

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I'm looking forward to this. Happy to see CoLussus ended up somewhere. He and Nightcrawler (miss you elf) have been long time faves. I thought Forge was dead?

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I had hoped that DC would have given Green Arrow and Hawkman the same solid direction Green Lantern and Batman had in the new 52 since the emerald archer and winged warrior have always been my favorite characters. And I especially liked their characteristic dynamic of clashing ideologies written over the years. I am a kid of the Satellite JLA years and I see this new book's line up and I'm more interested in it than the big 7. And yes hsppy to have Manhunter back in the fold. I hope this helps create solid direction for Ollie and Carter. Their solo books have turned me away from characters I loved and don't recognize anymore.

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Yesterday couldn't see the hulk deleted scene and today can't see the gag reel. CV, are you sure these are legit for public view?

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I have the dc direct version from the jsa line. Although it has less points of articulation than the Mattel version, the dc version has an amazing sculpt, the same great costume and interchangeable faces.

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I'm not sure this is good or bad yet, but I agree that it seems counter intuitive to the previous retcon of his marriage as a means to give him more youthful appeal. Also did anyone else notice that Alonso said some derivative of the word "responsible" at least five times in one paragraph? Two in the same sentence "he's responsible for the responsibility ....".

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I think maybe it's that Billy Batson kid. He found out they weren't going to call him Captain Marvel at that other universe anymore so he jumped companies faster than you can say Shazam!!