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I had hoped that DC would have given Green Arrow and Hawkman the same solid direction Green Lantern and Batman had in the new 52 since the emerald archer and winged warrior have always been my favorite characters. And I especially liked their characteristic dynamic of clashing ideologies written over the years. I am a kid of the Satellite JLA years and I see this new book's line up and I'm more interested in it than the big 7. And yes hsppy to have Manhunter back in the fold. I hope this helps create solid direction for Ollie and Carter. Their solo books have turned me away from characters I loved and don't recognize anymore.

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Yesterday couldn't see the hulk deleted scene and today can't see the gag reel. CV, are you sure these are legit for public view?

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I have the dc direct version from the jsa line. Although it has less points of articulation than the Mattel version, the dc version has an amazing sculpt, the same great costume and interchangeable faces.

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I'm not sure this is good or bad yet, but I agree that it seems counter intuitive to the previous retcon of his marriage as a means to give him more youthful appeal. Also did anyone else notice that Alonso said some derivative of the word "responsible" at least five times in one paragraph? Two in the same sentence "he's responsible for the responsibility ....".

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I think maybe it's that Billy Batson kid. He found out they weren't going to call him Captain Marvel at that other universe anymore so he jumped companies faster than you can say Shazam!!

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this does interest me, seeing the big three counterparts back on earth three. But I really want to see the old JSA crew! Also hoping for some Infinity Inc returns and maybe , any chance this is where Donna Troy and Wally West end up?

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This anthology title is our best bet at exploring where some of our favorite characters or concepts ended up in the new DCU that aren't presently showcased in an ongoing. I am a fan of the Challengers and Ordway for sure. I share other's hopes for Metal Men and Doom Patrol.

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I hope not. Warren/Angel/Archangel is my favorite x-man. Marvel has been so trigger happy the last ten years killing off major players, especially x-men (Banshee, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, a ton of New X-Men Academy) that another death at this point seems the least original idea.

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The irony in the fact that Cyclops' side is the "whatever it takes" side and Wolverine's is "let kids be kids," is that the younger two generations of mutants, New Mutant alumn and Hope and the five lights are on Cyclops side.

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Since the New 52 was first announced there have been a few debated topics, some very poignant about the industry and some more minor about character and continuity: the extent of female artists in the comics industry; or Barbara Gordon walking and handi-capable heroes; or Supes and Lois never being married; or WW's pants, etc. All this seemed to fade into the background when Catwoman and Red Hood and the Outlaws comics started a whole new, imo, frank discussion about portrayal of women in comics. I am not going to ask about Starfire because about dozens of questions before mine asked it and you may answer it. My question is how did you feel about the reaction - were you surprised? Has it made an impact on how you approach the material going forward or do you just disregard it and keep to your story?