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Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine by Aaron and Kubert, where they both end up in the Cretaceous Era. Seeing Peter with a crazy beard was cool enough but so was the story. And speaking of the Legion of Superheroes, DNA's reboot Legion has a story line where half the team ends up in the past and is part of "current" DC Universe's Final Night crossover. Then after about a year (?) in publication time, both halves of the Legion team are reunited back in their timeline in the future.

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"Unaccepted?" Or unexpected.

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I think I am going to be the oldest entry here (so far). The earliest comic book I remember reading was DC's Limited Collector's Edition #39 (1975) presenting the origins of the villains of the DCU. I was only 6 years old and my mom had just picked this up and brought it home. I can't remember the contents but I remember the cover of the heroes on one side facing off their counterpart villains. This has become such a famous trope on comic covers since then. And it inspired my love for the animated show Challenge of The Superfriends in 1978 as the JLA battled the Legion of Doom. Now many years later it inspires all kind of nostalgia.

Limited Collector's Edition

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I would hope for Jimmy Hudson. But I really love the extended cast of Ultimate Peter Parker's friends like the Ultimate versions of Gwen, Mary Jane, Bobby, Johnny and Kitty.

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I had picked up an issue of Clone by accident, thinking it was something else. And I was hooked. Loved the series. So many moral dramas being played out on top of a cool concept and amazing art. And we are left with such a cliffhanger, where paradise is not what you might expect, but was actually horrific. I really wish they would come back to the book.

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Im surprised about Swamp Thing and most disappointed about green lantern corps. Been faithful too it since they revitalized the green lantern franchise in mid 2000's and has been a better book that green lantern proper. although with the crossovers its been the same book practically. i hope we continue to see the extended cast of lanterns in the one book thats left

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Still my favorite artist and the reason I fell in love with comics. His early work on Avengers and JLA were some of my first comics and I was 11 when NTT came out and I was blown away. I admire this artist so much and he truly is the nicest guy when you meet him in person.

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@dman1366: I totally agree. So nice. He also did a sketch for me of Donna Troy. He was so happy and almost surprised for the request. He said she was modeled after his niece. He was such a sweet guy and a great fanboy too.

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I prefer the non bobble head toys from funko. So done at a trade show,told me it was licensing thing. That's why all,the Star Wars pops are bobble heads. Still Groot looks cool. Another cool line up from Funko is the original Planet of the Apes characters as part of POPs movie line.

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Longevity gives one an interesting perspective and ironic sense of history. I see people commenting for Helena Wayne to die and being back Bertinelli. I'm old enough to remember Helena Wayne's and Power girls appearances in All Star Comics in the late 70s and the huge cry of "foul" when post CRisis Earth 2 huntress was written out of canon and people hated Bertinelli. It's sort of the barry vs Wally flash. People like what they grew up with.