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@fodigg said:

The title of the novel comes from William Butler Yeats's poem "The Second Coming".

OH, Now i bet everyboody can see the connection. Interesting ^^

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@jordama said:
I think schism is showing a lot more of what she is capable now. We really only see mutants that are okay with their powers now, this is more uncharted territory.   I think Cyclops did the right thing having her make the choice to do what she did, she said more lives than if they waited for Wolverine to get there. 
yes she did but at what cost... 
The last page sum it up :/
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i'm actually happy to see her leaving... Logan seems really caring toward her. 
I can't get over cyclops decision of getting her to do "what she think she should do", no wonder why the writers said she'd have a big part in shism. This particular move meant a lot to wolverine. 

I also think there's something realistic about her reactions ^^ 
In this issue, beeing able to be in her head, we understood a lot more of what was behing her lines. And she said it herself, she doesn't always say what she think and prefer to pretend that she doens't understand sometimes ahah ^^

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Oya and Kenji are my favorite characters of the serie by far. 
Both have very interesting character devellopment and the psychology behing the characters and their reactions/motives are really well written. 
The last page of generation hope 10 impressed me sooo much, i could not help but feel deeply sorry for Oya...

I just hope she won't go on the other side of the "fence" and repay the others for all the sad moments she's endured or she's about to endure. 

The last page is really priceless. The whole issue is dedicated to Oya. The last words are Oya's too. 
If you're intersted by the character as weel let's discuss her devellopment. 
Cheeers ^^