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Barbara Gordon, Wonder Woman, Rogue, Storm, and Mary Jane Watson are a few of my favs

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This would be my only complaint with the final Dark Knight movie. I do like Joseph Gordon Levitt but as Batman it doesn't fit. Mostly because I can't see Batman quitting and running into the sunset with Selina Kyle. Batman's to date has never had luck with love so to see him have a sorta happy ending doesn't really make sense to me. And this is my opinion, Batman's too committed to ever (if rarely) quit his work. The only time I could see Bruce quitting was if he died or if he had gotten too old to keep up with his job. But thats me^^;

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Depends on how you view it. Granted I know people will say if it hadn't been for him Hope wouldn't have fulfilled her destiny and yada, yada. But the ends don't always justify the means, plus even though it lead the way for Hope. He (along with the others) still made a terrible mess that put thousands or millions in danger almost putting him on the same scale he probably thought Wanda of being. Basically Hope had to clean up his mess; along with Wanda's but unlike Cyclops she's willing to admit she made her mess.

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I'm mixed, part of me doesn't care, part of me sees it happening anyway. Part of me knows it probably won't last long, cause no one ever stays happy. Her marriage didn't last long with Black Panther*shrugs*, but then again I do miss her with him. So its kinda clouding my judgement.

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I'm sorry to ask the obvious, I'm just a little lost cause even in the stats say Namor's her husband? Buttt we've all seen the comics, or at least read their bios. He's been flirting with Emma Frost, I mean they had a past thing, but I don't know if that was after Marrina was catatonic. And there might still be some chemistry there too? He had a relationship with Abira. I mean I dunno if they're being slow or taking their time, Namor hasn't much attempt to see her. In fact... neither one acts like they were ever married? I dunno maybe I missed something. Just asking for someone to explain to me^^;

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It's not the first, I'm sure. We all thought he was killed by Bishop I think... he won't be dead long.

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I'm a little lost. What's Hope doing back with Sara? I thought she was "recreated" with Jackie and his ex.girlfriend.

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I like her sorta. I dunno the mystery to her and how she connects to her friends yes.The only thing annoying me with her is this endless lagging on of her and Jamie meant to be together. I dunno I don't see it happening. Jamie says one thing than does another. He's like a Cyclops and Havok. They can never make up their minds with women. Jamie had his thing with Siryn, then that went off quickly. He had a thing with M, that went quickly.

I dunno I'm waiting for Jamie to get tired of their relationship and break it off. I prefer her single and away from himXD. This whole "meant to be together" sounds like something I'd see with Jean Grey and Cyclops. It was cute at first for me, but now ehh it just annoys me.

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At first glance I wouldn't have thought anything about Mary Jane when I first saw her. But I agree many people don't give MJ enough credit. She's one of the few redhead characters that stand out to me in Marvel comics. And its not just because she was Peter's girlfriend and then wife. She stood out by her background and how she connected to Peter even now with them writing out their marriage.

Mary Jane still knows how to stand out as an individual. I would love to seem them back together someday. Or even just have a quick lunch date. But ah well, one can dream.