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Hi G-Man,
Love the video's and i'm halfway around the globe in europe! 

How many times have you written to a comic letters section (before you actually worked in comics) and how many times did you get a letter printed? 
of course we want proof! hehehe

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No thanks,
Don't like the retro look, those costumes are pulled out of the golden age. Don't like the characters together.
And don't get me started on miss Thing.
I've never been so uninterested in a Marvel book.
Now that i think of it, i do like the fact that there are more female characters on this team than male characters.
Reminds me of the time that the X-men only had 4 members: Longshot, Psylocke, Rogue and Dazzler.
Happy times!

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Hmm i'm divided between "if it ain't broke than why fix it" (i like the current x-force series and apparently i'm not the only one)
and on the other hand i like the idea of a group of mutants being on the run and hunted by the avengers. When the x-men where outlaws (the time in australia was awesome) i liked them better than they are now with their own island and such.

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Why does he carry a gun?
Well i'm thinking that his ring is weaker or that it has an error and just quits on him from time to time.
This probably happend in a sticky situation which he barely survives and henceforth carries a gun as backup.
Now you know what really would be different? A non-american GL!! OMG!!

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One word:

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Anyone else think that this is the moment the Ultimate Nick fury crosses over to the 616 universe? He might tag along with our Peter in some way. Just in time for Marvel Now!

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Well this just made my day, now let him do some indie creator owned stuff that i don't have to buy or even look at. Whatever this editor did worked great, now please call marvel and do the same to romita jr.

But seriously, we see a one sided story here in which Leifeld has issues with an editor making us believe that DC is controlling and to blame. Let's not forget that "The Infinite" that he did with Robert Kirkman was canceled after 4 issues due to creative differences. Seems to me Leifeld isn't the easiest person to work with.

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@TheMess1428: "groot" actually means "big" or "large" in dutch, don't know if the creator (i guess Larry Lieber) of Groot took it out of a dutch dictonary but it seems fitting.

I'm all for this movie if it means Marvel starts up a new GoG series again which i'm sure they will. Hmm maybe even Ultimate Gaurdians of the Galaxy, who knows?

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Well i'm glad the USA is finally warming up to gay marriages, where i live (netherlands) gay marriages have been possible since 2001.

And you know what, the world hasn't ended or anything, so grow up people. Everyone deserves to share their lives with a loved one.

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@Lexino said:


Hehe GROOT means BIG or TALL in dutch, i wonder if the creator knew this and thus gave him that name