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You are so wrong, clearly this is a case of mouth to mouth resuscitation.

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@BumpyBoo said:

@Omega Ray Jay said:

When I read this I thought I having a heart attack, I really don't like the idea of disney owning everything I love.

Damn right.

Could be worse, they could have been bought by EA
Actually i'm pretty happy it's disney, and i'm hopeful star wars will be a mayor franchise again. I mean if James Bond can have 23 movies, surely SW could have a few more? And 50% of the current movies were not that great.
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I don't get why everybody is so hang up on continuity and if some old stories happend or not? Except maybe for fleshing out the characters involved. But to that i just say read on and new history will be made.

I'm 36 so i've been reading comics for about 25 years now, some of you might not have been born when i started reading so why care about that history. Those stories are still around and you are free to pick up an old comic and read it.

I see people say that wolfmans run was their most favorite part in DC history. Well it still can be, it's not forbidden to still read these comics and enjoy them.

The only thing i'm upset with is that imo comic stories of today are not as good as they were back then. For instance, for me nobody has come close to Claremonts run on x-men and sadly thats a lot of stories that i didn't enjoy as much as i did back then.

I feel a reboot is good from time to time, cause these universes get really restricted on what writers can do with a character because of some story that happend 25 years ago. I still want a proper reboot for marvel right now. If i'm going to be reading about the same old characters when i'm 65 (lets face it people 25 years from now cyclops will still be in his thirties and leading the x-men), i'd really prefer a clean slate now and then so we can have some great stories that otherwise couldn't happen.

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I know i'm considered a nerd by reading comics, even my wife rolls her eyes at me some times but i draw the line at cosplay. Oh and collecting toys.
But more power to you who do these things.

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@G-MAN: Come on man, Tin Tin? Really?
That's like reading archie comics and comparing it to something like Watchmen or Y the last man. 
If someone askes me if i read american comics i don't say something like: I sure do! i read muppet babies! 
Not saying that there is anything wrong with Tin Tin, those books have a great following but come on there is so much else out there.
So with XIII you got the right idea, but how about Storm, Murena, Thorgal or Empire USA 
You know stuff you don't read with your daughter.
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it's about time! i do wish they would base it on the new series though instead of the old.
But still it's better than nothing
Would be even better if it would be based on the Blood and Chrome prequel series

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OMG this is f**ing great!!!
i'm still hoping for a new mutants title though
new warriors would be great too.

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Return of the Sentry? Maybe even MarvelMan?

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Hmmm i don't see anything really major happening here, although apparently deadpool is going to see mjolnir real up close.

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Well this is certainly a great step in the right direction, although i haven't read an american comic in my native language for over 20 years and i'm not about to start. 
I do hope the price is better since in my country we pay like 2 or 3 times the cover price.
I'm all for going digital since living space is limited here in Amsterdam and after 25 years of collecting you kinda need a room to stash your comics. 
I do however feel that american publishers should make it a bit more interesting for foreign readers to buy their comics. I sometimes get the feeling that the Marvelverse and the DCU consist of only the USA and the rest of the world hardly exist.
Still some effort is being made, Batwing is a good example.