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Maybe we should have a poll: Cap vs Bats

Winner is the one with the most votes.

Why? because comic companies always do what the fans want, except if your a spidey fan, then you are screwd.

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@Dhor said:

smoke bombs= cam down. Cat is a brawller but BAtman and his gadgets sould take him down fast. Cap only has his shield and that is not a verseteille weapon

Have you seen the tv show the Deadliest Warrior? I think in season one the deadliest warrior was the ancient Spartan warrior. Why? because of his big ass shield.

Not saying your wrong, but i'm just not that sure.

However i do feel that maybe batman could get in close and stick Cap with a needle which contains a poison and from there its an endurance fight.

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Disney go nuts!! you got my blessing!
They have proven themselves with the marvel movies and i hope we can look forward to a lot more SW movies.
Just make em good!!

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Okay so i haven't read that many nightwing comics but since Batman has all these lets say weirdo's and freaks as villians shouldn't Nightwing have something else? Like maybe a Kingpin character or something like a cartel. They could target him because he's disrupting their drug trafficking etc. 
Of course they could still hire the freaks, weirdo's and assasin characters to take care of him, but ultimately his nemesis would be a regular guy that's a crimelord, who of course wouldn't be without his own set of skills.

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I know what happens, in the next few avengers comics Dr. Strange fights Mephisto, which he of course wins and all spells ever done by Mephisto will be nullified including the one in which the marriage between MJ and Peter never happend.
On the last page of the avengers comic we see Peter crossing a busy street, he stops and we see him cry out: MJ!!!!!!! .......... just one second before he gets overrun by the big red fire truck speeding around the corner. Yes it sucks to be Peter Parker.
But seriously i'm thinking maybe Slott kills MJ, which they should have done if they wanted their marriage to end instead of this magic mumbojumbo. It would make fans.............unhappy to say the least. Which is why he might go into hiding after #700.

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@G-MAN:  i disagree completly with your statement that the return of uncle Ben or Gwen Stacy would be so terrible. If it leeds to great stories i'm all for it. I'm 36 and have been reading comics for far over 20 years, but even i wasn't around when these stories happend so why would i care? I'm more interested in great stories being written right now.
Spidermans character wouldn't be changed if they would return. With great power comes great responsibility will still uphold. Maybe the return of uncle Ben would teach him even more. Maybe Spidey would become greatly protective of uncle Ben, so much that he loses focus on other things happening around him, this could lead to great stories imo.
My only concern would be that the return of Uncle Ben or Gwen should be handled in a correct way, it would have to make sense and be a great story. But i'm not opposed to the idea of having them back in spidey's live.
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@NazarethSavage said:
@TheAcidSkull said:

@x_29 said:

Please be X-23


I think it has to be, because I believe the Wolverine promo was called "Savage" and that's actually the name of his new book "Savage Wolverine". 
Is X-23 not supposed to be in Avengers Arena? So it's unlikely this could be an X-23 title, unless Arena is a mini series? Or her time in the arena is very short and she manages to escape somehow? I just don't see how she could have her own title while she is being held in Arcade's (hunger games) arena.
I don't know, i hope it's not a wolverine title but i'm affraid it is.
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I'm excited, i'm only afraid it will get canceled after 6 or 8 issues

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Is that Magneto or a cylon?

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@FatihBATMAN said:
Michiel76, are you serious? or joking?
What does your gut feeling tell you?