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Well we all know the real reason, in the real world publishers use sidekicks to appeal to the younger crowd to buy comics and hence more cashflow. So if we the readers decide it's not oke to do this and stop buying the comics i think sidekicks would disappear very quickly. 
But then again i like sidekicks there was a time that a sidekick could die and stay dead while the main hero would never really die. Ah good old times. 
Hmm basically i'm saying i like seeing kids get the snot beat out of  'em
yeah i have "issues"

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G-Man you should do the muppets, you sound like Fozzie and Miss Piggy sometimes, LOL

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Great stuff G-man, but i'm not really enjoying hawkeye and mockingbird, they seem too uninteresting for me, i like them as part of the avengers but not in their own book.
Why is it that when a character returns into their own series or from the dead, suddenly the nemesis of this character seems to return from limbo too?

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So do you guys like him better as a villain or when he's sort of a hero?
i'm on the fence a bit since he is such a classic villain, but i really liked him on the x-men team during mutant massacre (same goes for a depowered mohawk storm btw)
Could be thats just because that era in x-men history is still my favorite, with the mutant massacre, x-men being based in australia and the inferno storyline. 
Claremont was at his greatest back then if you ask me. 
Still I like Magneto better as a character then Prof X, whom i found pretty much uninteresting in my 20+ years of reading comics.
(damn i'm getting old hahaha)