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 Hi everyone.
Not that i wanted to dig up an old post, but i was really wondering about this myself when i found this thread allready existed.
So my 2 cents are:    (i am for some comics translating the titels into english myself since i dont know if they have been released in the usa at all)
Rogon the red wolf
Murena (really loved this one, about the roman empire)
Eagles of rome
Douwe Dabbert (can't really translate, because its a name) 
Druuna ( XXX comic, but with incredible art) 
The mercenary
What i love about european comics is that they seem far more mature sometimes. Sex is a lot more featured. Don't be surprised if you suddenly find yourself reading about some sexual act in what is normally not seen as a XXX comic.
For instance Murena is such a comic. Also i just love the hyperrealistic art by Don Lawrence in Storm or Trigië, or in the Mercenary by Segrelles.
Even though Druuna is a very hardcore porn comic, the art by Serpieri is very realistic and amazing but should not be read by non adults. ( i would love to see him do a Wonder Woman comic, without the porn of course)
Its like Alex Ross is drawing every comic from beginning to end instead of just covers.
I love the format as well, normally they cost a lot more, but most of the time you get a somewhat finished story in one book, so you don't have to wait a couple of months before you have the whole story together like in usa comics.
On the other hand, european comics are released a lot less frequent than american comics. Sometimes they are years apart.
Well let i just finish by saying you are really missing out on some great stuff if you don't read european comics. Of course the language barrier can be a great hindrance to people. But if you can get your hands on some translated copies do not hesitate.
(and i know that some fans do their own translations, but now i am wandering into a grey area thats not entirely legal) 

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Nice to meet a fellow Dutchie, well belgium!!

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@jesusjoe said: 
" And for the record, worst superhero name ever: Multiple Man. Who ironically has the best 'actual' name ever, Jamie Madrox. "
Now that i read that in your post, i really think you are totally right on this one, i never realised it.
And it holds up in dutch too, first of all it's quite difficult to translate it correctly, but when you do it sounds corny as hell.
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Hi everyone,
So i am Dutch, not my name but my nationality. So this means i am not a native english speaker, although i speak and understand it perfectly well i have no problems listening to or reading the english names of (older) comic characters. But if i translate these names into dutch i just cringe with embarrasdment. It allmost seems that i then suddenly see what these names actually mean, that Spider-man is in fact a man mixed with a spider which in my ears sounds pretty dumb (allthough i love the spider-man comics!!) Actually a lot of american comics have been translated and published in dutch and i just can't read them because i get really annoyed. 
 It's basically the same with music. I can listen perfectly well to american/english love songs, but dutch love songs are really bad. Not just because of the performer but because of the topic being really corny.  

So i was wondering if any native english speakers feel that names like Spider-man or Batman feel "corny" nowadays. And do any of you feel that new characters are better named than back in the fifty's or sixty's?

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Although i am curious about Dick and bruce being batman at the same time, i'm sure it's not going to last. So what will they do? I think it's the perfect setup to kill Dick permanently. Remember the clone saga when we had 2 spiderman"s?  The only thing i hope for is since Dick is such an established character, they can't kill him off that easely.

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Actually wolverine was bitten by Dracula in Uncanny X-men Annual #6 a very long time ago.
Obviously he got better.

Although its more of a mindcontrol here, and it's resolved in about 2 pages, never is his healing factor mentioned, since Dracula's daughter shows up possessing kitty's body and using a spell to kill her father, she gets interrupted by nightcrawler however, but somehow Dracula loses his control over Wolverine.
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Well i agree, she dies because thats what a phoenix is all about, die and rise from the ashes reborn.
But also she has/had this love triangle between 2 major X-characters, wolverine and cyclops. So i think they use her as a tool to shake them up and screw with their heads.

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She should get married to Peter Parker, i hear he's one redhead short

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@Eyz said: 
(seriously though, where are the Ghostbusters, Back To the future, Groundhog day of this generation?) "
although i see your point, still we had the matrix trilogy a few years ago, and what about the Bourne trilogy? (maybe not as much scifi or fantasy but still...) also inception was great and has a lot of potential, i'm sure we'll see sequals if not with DiCaprio then with someone else.
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About the cure thing, that wouldn't be so strange since it has been done before. way back in the x-men they fought dracula and storm was turned into a vampire.
but since she hadn't bitten anyone herself she wasn't fully turned yet and then when Dracula got killed at then end she returned to normal.
I haven't read this book or storyarc yet but my bet is on Storm being the "other" character getting turned, and if not she surely has an opinion on resurrecting old Dracula himself, at least if the writer has done his homework on x-men and vampires.