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The problem with these events is that everything has to go back to some status quo at the end. The bad guy needs to be beaten and everything goes back to normal. Therefore the ending is pretty much known and gets me less excited for these events.

Best you can hope for is some characters cross over to the 616 universe or someone gets a new outfit (like spidey in the first secret wars)

So usually the story is pretty entertaining like Axis right now, but nearing the end it always starts to dissapoint

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Yay that the park is now open for public.

Yay for Chris Pratt

What i don't get is the modified super dino, aren't "normal" dinosaurs scary enough?

That T-rex was very scary in the very first movie.

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wow he has a whole knight in his scabbard!


Seriously though i never got the "toys" thing.

And i don't see why black and white makes them look better.....

(yes i know the comics are in B&W)

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Of course the haters let themselves be heard, fact remains: events sell!! This also means there are more people liking it than hating it. People just don't bother to post about things they like and the ones that hate it are posting more quickly and more often.

Haters you are a minority! Sales prove it and not just this once but marvel have been doing these events lots of times in the past so they obviously sell.

So maybe we should stop the hating and post more about what we like or at least have an intelligent discussion about it.

So everyone that likes events (like i do for the most part) speak up. Lets get a dialogue going instead of just saying i hate the art, i hate Hickman, I hate Marvel. We've heard that before and gets dull real fast.

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Orrrr if you are cutting back due to money constraints there are...alternative ways ;)

hehehe, i've dabbled there too from time to time

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Now that Jean knows about her future and everything that will happen to her. Does this mean she can prevent her own death and will we soon see "our" Jean appear in the present in one way or another?

After the young x-men have returned to their timeline of course.

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Again talking about Comic Book deaths and rebirths...>_<


We don't need this topic once every two months. this topic returns more often than characters returning from the dead.

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I think deaths should NOT be permanent, think about what will happen if they were. You have seen it happen with nightcrawler, the original died and a few months later AoA nightcrawler shows up. So if deaths were permanent the whole universe would be made up off alternate versions, or death would only happen in alternate universes, or even the "it was only a dream" scenario. And i'm sure we would be bitching about that too if it happend too often.

Face it people, companies wil never permanently kill a character, if it has the potential of making them more money. I just don't want them to kill off characters too often so i'm fine with how things are happening now.

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wow, congrats!!

you are one of the few sites i visit every single day.