The X-villains

This is a list that consists all the villains that have fought the X-men.

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Great List!


awesome list

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@KNIGHT SAVIOR: Thanks in the end it was worth the time spend on making it.
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 Great List !!! 

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Thank you for this.

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@eldestrisk: Your welcome and thank you.
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The Scavengers never fought the X-Men, not even a single member

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I just Love mutants (and crazy deranged cyborg killers and mass murders ) I really love this list ...!

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Scavengers should not be on this, though they appeared in the same issue as the X-Men on an occasion, they were in a virtual world and the X-Men were in the real world, only characters the Scavengers have ever actually met are Dark Angel and Anti-Being.
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Awesome list!
But Havok and Ernst?

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Good list