Cosmic Entities

They are the ones that established a equilibrium in the universe.
They where the that created and destroyed universes.
They are the ones that bring chaos and order to the universe. 
They can tap into the power of their own universe and use it as their own.
They are the Cosmic entities .

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Posted by crazed_h3ro

Wow this is a pretty long list LOL XD...Gawd? I can roll with that

Posted by MichaeltheFly
@crazed h3ro: Thanks, I appreciate it, I think this is sort of my  list for the Space Voyagers, well just the whole space and cosmic thing, I'm glad you like it.
Posted by timrothsays

 and again - FANTASTIC work :)

Posted by Death-Michael

Great job on thiz.....there are character stronger than most stronger than other and you did not put them first. just wld like 2 no the way i am all about power than anything

Posted by MichaeltheFly
@Death-Michael: Well actually I never intended to put them from strongest to weakest. I only intended on putting all of them in this list, but I don't know if I putted all of them here, I tried to put all the cosmic characters I know, I hope I didn't missed anyone. I'm glad you like it.
Posted by Aspenite

Wow! Just wow!

Posted by MichaeltheFly
@Aspenite: I'm glad you like it.
Posted by Charge up

Wow lots of Comic book characters love it :P

Posted by Primmaster64

God...# 13?

Posted by MichaeltheFly
@Primmaster64 said:
" God...# 13? "
Well if you look at the list closely I have included other beings like Hell-lords and others that some would not consider cosmic being, but my question is how can someone not consider a cosmic being someone that can warp an entire reality? :)
Posted by Gregorski

Absolutely Amazing list Mr Fly!
Posted by MichaeltheFly
@Gregorski: Thank you, glad you like it. Give it a recommendation, if you like it, check out some of my other lists maybe you'll find something you like.
Posted by comicbookheretic

this is the list that keeps on giving! I don't think you missed a one! Highly recommend this one!

Posted by MichaeltheFly
@comicbookheretic: Thanks, glad you like it.
Posted by Captain Norway

Galactus should be number 1! How can you compete with the coolest character ever?!

Posted by MichaeltheFly
@Captain Norway: I'm not saying he isn't but I didn't put them in a specific order.
Posted by One-Above-One-Above-All

who would be the most powerful on the list? by the way great job!
Posted by goldenshot80

Fantastic work!! Hey, Would you mind to check mine out to make sure its good or I'm missing a cosmic person in marvel

Posted by doomsilver

i love cosmic comics
Posted by Exile-616

Great work.
Also, I got another one for you: Antagon.

Posted by IamGog

great job...

Posted by guillermogutierrez

SuperUltraMegaCosmic Barbaro
is in the list
Jahf (M'Kraan Crystal guardian)?
also Modt the second Guardian

Posted by Jeremy1989

Surprised Superman's not in this list.

Posted by Thor_Ul