Should the Inhumans have an ongoing?

With them having a major role in Marvel's War of Kings and Realm of Kings, Makes me wonder if the Royal family of Atilan and of the Kree, deserve another taste of the Marvel spotlight. They had it in the past, but what do you think should they have their own ongoing series?


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Take the So You Want To Get Lucky With an Anime Chick?

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Lisa Yadomaru 100%
Finally, a girl that likes porn as much as you do! Be wary, she might pull out her sword during sex and start playing it like a banjo.
Dat ass...
Lina Inverse
Lina Inverse, the number one “Bandit Killer” is now your night’s entertainment; perfect for those of you who like to LARP in the bedroom.
Meru Otonashi
Even if you enjoy having phone sex, you won’t even be getting that out of Meru. You will be having texting sex, the worst of the worst. Boy are your thumbs going to be tired tomorrow.

Take the The Anime Vice Dating Sim

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Yoko Littner 100%
The next day there's a note in your locker asking you to be on the school roof after school. You head up there and you see...Yoko! She looks a little nervous and hems and haws, before eventually stopping for a breath. Then she spits it out: she asks you out on a date! You're a little surprised, but you happily accept and you two make a date to see an action flick.
Jun Watarase
The next day there's a note in your locker asking you to be on the school roof after school. You head up there and you see...Jun Watarase, your childhood best friend. Jun has clearly practiced this: "w-will you please go out with me?" You're not quite sure what to say. I mean, you like Jun and all, but...he's just not your type.
Ranka Lee
The next day there's a note in your locker asking you to be on the school roof after school. You head up there and you see...Ranka! You sit next to her for a bit and talk about your dreams. She tells you she wants to be an idol singer and you tell her you think that's the greatest thing you've ever heard and you'll support her all the way. She blushes and asks if you really mean that-- and of course you do. You casually slip your arm around her waist and she doesn't brush you off. Victory!
The next day there's a note in your locker asking you to be on the school roof after school. You head up there and you see...Holo. Naked. Woohoo!

Take the What Anime Movie Should You Watch This Halloween?

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Dororo 100%
A live-action film based on Osamu Tezuka's fantastic manga, a young man hunts down demons to win back his own bodyparts. He's joined by a young thief, the titular Dororo, on his adventures.
Vampire Hunter D
Widely credited with converting many fans to anime, Vampire Hunter D is based on the Yoshitaka Amano-designed, Hideyuki-Kikuchi-written hit novel series. In this film, D rescues a human woman from becoming a vampire bride.
Based on Osamu Tezuka's 1949 manga, which was only loosely related to the 1920s silent film, the movie offers a slightly more adult take on many of the themes in Tezuka's Astro Boy-- particularly robots.
Death Note
The first of two live-action adaptations of the original manga and featuring the stellar Kenichi Matsuyama as L, the flicks take a different direction from the manga or anime-- but some fans actually prefer it.

Take the What '90s Hentai Suits You Best?

Your Results:

The Rapeman 100%
Designed as a dark comedy (but only funny if you know that), the Rapeman is exactly what he sounds like: a "hero" who makes terrible women into better people by reaping them.
La Blue Girl
A clan of ninjas with some very special powers must block a horny race of demons from entering the human world.
F3: Frantic, Frustrated and Female
A young woman fails to find her climax, in spite of the help of her 'sister,' landlady, friends from school, and even a ghost.
Golden Boy
Less sexcapades and more hot (but mostly non-explicit) stories, Golden Boy's hero finds himself in the embraces of many lovely women.

Take the Naruto: Which Ninja Am I?

Your Results:

Sasuke Uchiha 100%
You're the cool kid everyone likes, but they don't really understand. If the Fonz could use ninjitsu, maybe you'd have a real friend.
Don't play with matches, and please avoid fireworks.
I don't know how to tell this to you, but this whole "young boy" fetish is creeping us out.
Like Pain, you redefine emo. I'd say you have mommy issues, but then again, your dad did try to kill you.

Take the One Piece: Which Pirate Are You?

Your Results:

Spandam 100%
Sorry, but you are the guy everyone hates. Weak, manipulative, stuck up, has an elephant sword, hits girls, father fetish, ect. You may need to be punched.
You might run away from battles, and constantly lie your ass off, but you are a true man. What makes you stand aside from all others is that in desperate times you can throw your cowardice aside and do what needs to be done; like dressing up like a super hero and smashing your enemies with a giant hammer.
So you eat anything you want and push around people who are weaker than you. I know it would be immature to call you a "fatty fat metal face", but what are you going to do, eat me?
Donquixote Doflamingo
The New Era has begun, and you are the boss of it! Nothing really means anything to you, everything is a joke; and when you are this powerful, everything is. You are also so secure with your manliness that you can wear a pink feathered jacked out in public. The Dennis Rodman of the pirating world.
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Well this is a question for the ages.

If I had Marvel I would do the following:
Give Deadpool only one main book, cancel the rest.
Make a new Exiles series.
Make a comic book series about the origins of the X-men.
Bring back the What if series.
And make more animated movies.



Well the reason is a simple one, I have always been a fan of alternate realities, ever since I first saw the Sliders TV series.