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@Durakken: @SmashBrawler: I don't read JLD or I, Vampire, but I do read Frankenstein. I picked it up the trade because the art work seemed dark and gritter, yet still reminiscent of a superhero comic. After I read it, Frankenstein quickly became one of my favorite characters in the DCnU. All of the characters have distinctive voices and personalities which, at least to me, is very important in a comic. All of the characters serve a purpose and aren't just there for the sake of being there. At first I was really annoyed that OMAC made an appearance because DC has made a lot of unnecessary crossovers, just for the sake of crossovers. Later on, it turns out that the fight with OMAC actually comes up again and it introduced a new threat to S.H.A.D.E.. Another great thing about the book is that it's not about humans raging against him and calling him a monster, with the simple conclusion of "don't judge a book by it's cover;" it's about Frankenstein's internal conflict of thinking that he himself is a monster as he questions his own humanity. I truly think that, that's a pretty cool take on the original idea of Frankenstein.

I'm not arguing with you, I just wish you would give reasons other than "it sucks."

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@G_Money_Christmas: True, I just kind of want it to be him because I wouldn't want someone like Alfred to die :/

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@Hklb95: Yeah, but Multiversity isn't going to be an ongoing series. It does look promising though.

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-Blue Beetle (Could easily add him to Teen Titans.)

-Savage Hawkman (I think he's going to be in the new JSA book.)

-Legion Lost (It's just really boring and they need to find their way home already.)

-Batman: The Dark Knight (Batman is my favorite hero of all time, but there are too many books that feature Batman and The Dark Knight seems to be one of the weaker ones.)

-Superboy (I honestly just don't see the point of it. He's already kind of on the Teen Titans and there are always Teen Titan chracters in his book, so I think it's just time to end it.)

-Deathstroke (Have you read it? Ugh. Also, I feel like they could put him into another book and make the character awesome again. I don't think anyone would pick up a solo Deathstroke book anytime soon after the first horrible run.)


-Doom Patrol (I feel like Jeff Lemire could create some awesome interpretations of these characters.)

-Red Robin and Black Bat Book (Two characters that deserve some spotlight.)

-JLA (since we don't have a choice.)

-Plastic Man (He's campy and I miss some of the campy-ness that used to be in DC)

-The Hybrids (a team with Argent, Prysm, Hot Spot, and Risk. Possibly led by Raven or some other hero)

-Children of Atlantis (a team composed of all the younger Atlantean characters that are still in continuity. Aqualad (Garth), Aquagirl (Tula), Jackson Hyde, Lagoon Boy, and maybe some new characters. I just think it would be interesting and it seems pretty different compared to some other books.)