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Ultimate FF represent!!!! Also Miles vs Osborn!!!!!!!

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@obsidian_raindrop1 said:

@captainmarvel4ever: name 5 villains cyborg has exclusively.

Well there is the Cyborg Revenge Squad which is made up of multiple villains that wanted to take down Cyborg. They could be used to help build Vic a rouges gallery.

There is also Elias Orr and the Phantom Limbs who were a group of soldiers that were being controlled and used tech similar to Cyborg's to fight him. Mr. Orr was the puppet master behind both teams.Cyborg fought them in his miniseries.

Vic could also inherit T.O. Marrow and his robots to fight. Since he helped build Cyborg this would make an interesting dynamic between the two. I also think that if Cyborg were to have Red Tornado in his book, then a writer could integrate a simmilar story from Young Justice involving Red Tornado and his humanity. Along the way Cyborg and the Metal Men could fight Red Torpedo, Inferno, and Volcano. He could also help the Metal Men fight enemies like Chemo, or the Death Metal Men.

Other enemies that would be a good match for Cyborg are other villainous robots from DC, like the Robot Renegades, robots who want to reign supreme over humans. The fact that Vic is half human half robot could make for an interesting storyline involving them. There are also lots of other tech based enemies that can fight him in unique ways like Nano (who was one of Cyborg's exclusive villains), or the Prankster. Basically Cyborg could authority on foes with super any super tech based powers, in a similar way to Aquaman being in charge of fighting all aquatic threats, or Swamp Thing dealing with any plant based problems.

Cyborg also has some great candidates for arch enemies. A character named Ron Evers has been an important character to Cyborg's lore, starting out as his friend, until they had a falling out. Eventually Ron himself became a Cyborg just like Vic (Transformed by Mr. Orr) who fought Cyborg, and eventually went on to start a cult called "The Church of Anti Technology". Btinging him into the New 52 would be vary interesting and provide Vic with an enemy. Another candidate is Brother Blood, who was a Titans villain, but like Cyborg, moved on to bigger things in the New 52. Much like how Lex Luthor and Captain Cold are polar opposite's of they're heroes, Brother Blood is a man who purges the sanctity of life, and uses twisted organic powers. Considering Cyborg is in many a twisted result of an accident involving super tech, he would be an interesting character to fight Brother Blood, and to have a story revolving around Cyborg's feelings of lost humanity. Lastly he could also fight Amazo, who is probably the most powerful android on earth. Both Amazo and Cyborg share similar design and parts, so Vic fighting an all robot mirror of himself with no humanity to it could also be very interesting.

So that's some of Cyborg's exclusives/semi-exclusives, and other enemies he could fight.

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Holy crud. Everything looks sweet, this month alone is taking up all of the space on my pull list and this is just from DC!!!!! The New-52 is getting better!!!!!

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Venom FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@leokearon: AvX was a pretty epic 12 issue story. When you read all of them at the same time, its really not that dragged out. To me DC needs to fix their events

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@thewalkingdeadpool18: My god, I can't believe they did that. I really don't like the show, but I will admit some of the comedy parts are funny. One in particular involved, Robin going into his room and on a desk is an urn marked Robin II. And next to the urn is a trophy case with a crowbar on it. Most of the intended audience wouldn't get that.

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