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Team 2.

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Marvel Team due to prep.

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Also @ghostravage I wanted to point out that Ares (Marvel) is not really a slug if I remember correctly. I'm looking for the specific examples I remember seeing but he was shown pinning Hermes with an arrow to the foot who was moving so fast houses exploded when he went past. He was also quite the quick draw when it came to weapons, I'm sure you've done your research on him since you used him as a strong comparison so if I'm wrong on this please tell me.

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I dare say Bill is faster than Thor.

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I like the Ultimate Universe

And lol at Mark Millar casting Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury more than 10 years ago.

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@rpgesus said:

@micah: yeah all of those were pretty bad except hancock... that was a masterpiece

I enjoyed Hancock, and despite everything else I find F4 to be a guilty pleasure. Never liked the original Hulk, but I did enjoy Man of Steel.

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@jnr6lil said:

@micah: No one said it doesn't happen, but when you use these issues and use it to paint all blacks in the ghetto as this and the reason for their failures that's when it becomes stereotypical.

I agree.

And by the way I'm black too so I also have knowledge on this subject.

Ditto my man :)

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@jnr6lil said:
@micah said:
@ericmbacon said:

@micah: He does his best Bill Cosby impression- telling black people why they have screwed up. It is always their fault. Apparently Black people don't like to have strong family values and they take advantage of "racist" institutional tricks that get them into colleges...you know like the one Ben Carson took advantage of when he went to school.

I think it is strange for black people to be republicans, but not unexpected. The difference is Carson is in a higher tax bracket and some people become republicans to protect their money. I don't know how gay people could be republican. I only understand how rich people can be republican.

I actually agree with the whole telling black people they have screwed up statement in some situations. For an example wouldn't you say it's irresponsible to have 4 and 5 kids or even to have kids at all when you can barely support yourself and live in the ghetto? This situation isn't universal but it is widespread, and then you have people who claim to live the "hood life" and do their best to make sure any black kid with a book is automatically labeled white. So IMO when you have people who give up opportunities out of sheer ignorance and devalue family ties due to many other practices, then calling them out on that is well within his rights. I'm black so I do have knowledge in this subject.

These are all stereotypes. Most blacks in the ghetto aren't like this.

They aren't stereotypes. I understand how you could get that impression but this is a real issue that gets called a stereotype when it is brought up. Bottom line is people make stupid choices then call you wrong for calling them out on said subject, and complain about not having opportunities when in actuality they dug themselves a much bigger whole than what they started in. I agree with @ericmbacon in that the issue is not just a black issue it's also a white issue as well.

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I don't see why J'onn can't solo both teams by himself.

Well he could mindrape the HST team, but all of the Marvel guys have sufficient TP resistance or countermeasures for TP. Enough to hold out for awhile.

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A bloodlusted Extremis Iron Man fighting to his max potential could win pretty soundly if he quickly neutralized the biggest threats.