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Lex Luthor is the best ....

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Pretty good collection of Lois Lane stories, now if only Superman's 75th collection would have been this good and not filled with depressing stories with Superman either crying or miserable. So much for "celebrating" Superman.

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For me ...

1. Superman/Wonder Woman #3

2. Lazarus #5

3. Justice League # 25

4. Justice League 3000 #1

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As a bearded man I've been ranting about this over and over again. I want my bearded Green Arrow back god damn it!

THIS !!!! .... I agree, give him his beard goss darn it.

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Action Comics #26

Green Arrow #26


Batman/Superman # 6

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MEH ..... I found the story pretty good but the writing got pompous and childish. The fight to me is the least meorable, you got two chatacters that aren't being themeselves and are both acting like assholes. Superman a lapdog for the goverment ? Yeah no, and not only was he sevearly depowered and dumbed down Superman, which doesn't make it much of a fight but he didn't want to fight Batman so Superman pretty much let Batman win. Batman acts more assholeish then usual and he treats Alfred like his butler not his father or at least friend. Batman's inner monologue was funny as hell and childish. Serioulsy guys the book is pretty overrated, it relies on inner monologue to carry the story and that's always a sign of a medicore writer.

Were suppose to believe that a Batman who got his ass kicked by a mutant(that isn't even at this weak Superman's level) and who charged into a tv station that had swarms of police officers, was able to plan how to defeat Superman ? Nice try Frank Miller, but only an idiot would believe that.

Remeber Frank Miller, Superman is the champion of the oppressed, protector of the downtrodden and defenseless.

Also I found it stupid and silly how Miller used Regan against Batman, when Regan and Batman are so simmilar .... they both used fear and the precieved notion that they were crazy to accomplish their goals. If anything Batman should have been the goverment agent, seeing as he likes to have control and use fear.

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@mrmazz said:

@mia26: This show is more satarizing Nolan's staunch seriousness and the "dark and gritty" corprate mantra that permiated superhero cinema post-Dark Knight.

@ips:well considering that every character has been largely retconned in comics and that Arrow is a remediated property there is and never will be a "real" version of a character.

I rather liked The Count, he provieded a nice manical menace and totally fits the gritty camp of this show. For how this show started out as a no powers show, they've done a good job keeping the core concepts of characters alive and well.

LOL .... No it's not, as far as I've seen they are not "satirizing".They've taken the whole "dark, gritty and brooding hero" thing pretty seriously but it comes off as chessy for various reasons. Green Arrow is snarky, witty, and cleaver he isn't some dark and brooding dude that yells "YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY!" in a Batman/Bale growl that is bad compared to Bale's.

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@mia26: Amell is 10x the green arrow hartley was.

Not really, Hartley had the personality while this guy from Arrow isn't even Green Arrow his Bat-Arrow. They pretty much ripped off Nolan's Batman trilogy and instead of making some of Green Arrow's mythos better they've screwed most of it and added that CW drama crap.

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LMAO !!! .... LOL .... What ? is this Bat-Arrow stupid too ? can't even use some proper grammer.

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My feelings about Arrow's treatment of Count Vertigo(and Green Arrow overall) ....

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