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Quicksilver can run Mach 5 last time I checked saw it in avengers vs x-men. Ultimate Quicksilver however can go Mach 10 and the whole outrunning radio waves feat is wis becuase it is not a consistent showing from him and the writers don't bother to look up facts about science things because they consider they don't have to becuae it's fiction or put up random stats becuae they sound cool.

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I am currently play Tomb Raider awesome game I really like the visuals of it just recently got a ps4 so the game looks beautiful I also just finished Infamous: Second Son that game is so much fun the fighting and flying around the city its awesome, I finished on the good side and am now half way through on the evil side but decided to start playing Tomb Raider considering I bought both games at the same time and haven't even touched Tomb Raider since I got it a week ago. Before those two games I was playing The Last Of Us another beautiful game the multiplayer is addicting I like it so much more than Call of Duty but I guess it's because I have never been in to first person shooters. Even though I did have Call of Duty Black Ops but I just played it for the Zombies. The Last Of Us is multiplayer is so fun how you can hide behind objects and throw smoke bombs and then shiv someone is so great.

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@dark_hammer: Ok cool I would like to know what would qualify each rank or level of power.

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How does Wolverine beat Batman but Cyclops lose to Batman when Cyclops could beat Wolverine. Batman doesn't have the luxury of knowing who Cyclops is and what he is capable of Batman also doesn't have a healing factor and adamantium skeleton to tank all of Cyclops shots. Is Batman just going to stealth around the whole fight which a good tactic giving the opponent but soon or later Cyclops will just be fed up and just start blasting all of Batman's cover.

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@dark_hammer: Could I use your power scale it is more comprehensive then mine but what does herculean level mean and what is an overlord.

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@fugue: @_astrid_: Its feedback for a little comic book me and my friends are writing one of my friends are doing the art and I am do the writing with an other friend as well. I am trying to make my character strong but not as strong as the skyfathers or the celestials. So I wanted to gauge where he stood on the scale but as DARK_HAMMER said the scale I have is inadequate so maybe I should go with his scale it does make a lot of sense.

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@_drake: LOL their is no way my guy is close to either the Celestial (One Above All) or the actual Marvel (One Above All) both are leagues head in power and knowledge. Also go Deadpool he is an awesome character and go the Tomorrow People if you haven't watched it you should it was a good show to bad it was canceled. I like your name being an acronym for something that's interesting.

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