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@tyger: I know where the picture is from I played the game to it was fun till I got bored with it because I ran out of gold. I was just saying we don't know how strong Jean is with 1/5 the power of the Phoenix we have only ever seen her with all of it or a fragment of it, and even then she is able to destroy people like Gladiator.

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Make Superman version Superdoom, Wonder Woman- God mode, Green Lantern- Ion or Parallax, Martian Manhunter- Fernus, and replace Batman with someone with more power like Shazam or Flash. And what is Jean doing here does she have 1/5 of the Phoenix Force or something how powerful would that even make her would it be Green level Phoenix or Dark level Phoenix. Also the DC group would have to take Jean out first cause if she got all the pieces of the Phoenix or even half they would be screwed she is way to skilled and experienced with the Force and way to powerful to be contented with.

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So how strong are your characters compared to this list.

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If I had to pick a mutant for transportation purposes I would pick Vanisher is can teleport farther than Nightcrawler and doesn't have that smoke effect when he teleports so it can be more stealthy. Or if I had to choose one based on personal preference and versatility I would defiantly choose telekinesis because you can do so much stuff with it you can simulate super strength, invulnerability, controlling energy teleportation, flight, and obviously controlling matter.

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@victorgrey: Can I change my main image to this:

Also you do really great work. I can't THANK you enough.

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@victorgrey: Ok cool just wanted to know. So what is it then like willpower or something.

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@victorgrey: TY So MUCH :). Does mental power also include telekinesis or is that part of energy projection?

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@victorgrey: The rest of the grid is not filled in other than that it looks totally wicked thank you so much.

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Allegiance: Hero

Code Name: Paragon

Real Name: Michael Gabriel Rivera

Base of Operations: Jean Grey School for Higher Learning

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 170 lbs

Age: 19

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'10"

Super Power Origin: Mutant

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: West Palm Beach, FL

Group Affiliation: X-Men

Occupation: Student/Hero

Biography: After the events of the Phoenix repopulating the mutants Michael woke up as one of the race of people he admired all of his life. He headed to where the X-Men lived and is training to become one of the best mutant he can be, using his great powers responsibly and precisely.

Grid Points:

  • Agility- 6
  • Durability- 7
  • Energy Projection- 6
  • Fighting Ability- 5
  • Intelligence- 3
  • Mental Power- 6 (if this also includes telekinesis if not then 1)
  • Speed- 6
  • Stamina- 7
  • Strength- 4

Battle Cry: "Kowabunga!"

Did You Know?: Michael is great at using various weapons like guns, swords, and even a bo staff. He also loves animals so much he wants to become a veterinarian someday.

Special Requests: On the image part if you could make my main image background like this that would be great. As for the small image if you could crop off the top of Surges's head so that it is showing only Hellion that would be grand and sorry for not being able to find any better pictures its just so difficult to find the right one that fits the character. Also for the logo can you make it round instead of square.

Character Logo
Main Image
Small Image