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@fuzzylittlerodent: Nobody blames you. If the dude's got it, he's got it. You're the very few out of many to openly admit it :D

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The art has been somewhat atrocious, I'm sorry to say it but it has been and I know I can't do any better but still... Never read a single Secret Six comic book till the New 52 ones and I'm already loving it despite it being issue #2, especially since it involves my lovely Black Alice. I'm also developing a man crush for Catman and that Shauna Belzer (The Ventriloquist) lady is freaking the freak out of me. I just can't stand ventriloquist dummies, especially ones like Ferdie.

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I think every single Harley Quinn NEW 52 comic book that's come out till now has been consistently well written and drawn. I just love her in general and anyone who thinks her comic book should be cancelled, well, I'll be sure to swing a giant wooden mallet at your face the next time I see you at a roller rink :D

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Okay okay, now when do the guys with the cameras jump out and say, "We're just kidding about Hawk and Dove being in the team and that they'll never amount to the awesomeness of Arsenal, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Donna Troy, Garth and The Flash. Who we have replaced them with..."?

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"Familiar faces" huh? My money's on Starfire...

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They took away Teen Titans in 2006 and then Young Justice in 2013. Now, we are being punished for wanting these shows back...

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@k4tzm4n Yes please, screw a Superman game. I mean nothing yells or screams interesting more than a fantasy action-adventure Wonder Woman video game developed by Rocksteady Studios. Also, DLC playable characters could be honorary Amazons such as lil' sis Donna Troy, Supergirl, Starfire and her niece, Wonder Girl. Also Circe would be another great major antagonist for the game. See what you have done? Gotten me all excited. But seriously though, I think you should find a way to forward this great article of yours to DC Comics Entertainment HQ and Rocksteady Studios. And also make a petition. I'm very serious about this.

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Wow these are some really awesome works. Here's mine, been too busy drawing conceptually and expressively for my final Grade 12 exam piece that comic drawings have been a real mission lately.

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Wow... I just died and went to awesome-writing-acting-and-visual-effects heaven, again. I see some major competition amongst Constantine, Gotham and The Flash this year. Please let them be Emmy award worthy like Smallville. I love you DC Comics!