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I loved it. As a Star trek fan from the beginning there were some moments where you went Huh? Like WTF? cause knowing the characters and history of Star Trek the line did not fit into the lore...Similar to the first film when they were talking about Warp 4 as being the top just did not work and you felt like WTF did they NOT watch any episode in their lives....anyway those moments quickly vanished in all the action and they did a nice twist. Kirk wasn't his lovable self but in the end it will justify itself by the growth of his character over the two hours. I am disappointed that the Enterprise once again seems to be a weak ship and unlike the TV series it's not a big part of the overall movie unless you want to count getting slapped silly in every scene the ship is in. Fan or not you'll love the film and it was overall a great ride...better than Iron man in my opinion.