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Matt Forte

Sorry I can't hear you. The sound quality of your Skype is really bad.

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You know I was having trouble falling asleep so I started counting all the different ways I could injure Corey and I finally fell asleep at around 427. AND I HADN'T EVEN GOTTEN TO HIS LEGS YET!

Raw was next level bad this week. It's sort of to be expected to be boring to keep everyone in the Night of Champions card relatively unscathed. The only thing I'm hoping for out of that show is that the Tag Titles change to the Dust Bros. Naturally they'd have to change the look of the belts to gold. As much as I've grown accustomed to the bronze finish it HAS to happen to make the cosmic key complete. Screw it dude, if they're going to give Adam Rose that stupid magic mirror thing then they might as well double down on it for two of the best guys in the roster at doing vignettes. Just give them a spin off show where they don't even need to wrestle and just go on goofy adventures through time and space.

NXT Takeover however was exceptional last week. WWE doesn't have a product as good as NXT is right now. That either one of you would doubt the talent of Enzo Amore and Tyson Kidd is baffling. I haven't liked their gimmicks but both of them pull off their character performance brilliantly. I don't want to like Bailey either but she's just so adorable. That final match was a real barn burner.

Thanks for the podcast. You guys must be exhausted around the time you're recording. And I swear Mat, if you bring up football again I'm going to super kick you.

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What is your favorite piece of an actual wrestling ring? Whether it be the ropes, top turnbuckle, ring posts, etc. Sorry for the milquetoast question and thank you for the podcast.

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I love how they just come up with a dumb excuse to do something cool. Po Chan was a shockingly effective one off villain. It seems like they're teasing April eventually getting control of her Haoshoku no Haki. I'm curious if she can develop it to the point where it doesn't only work on the Kraang. I also like the callbacks to the old cartoon, April's "jumpsuit" and the Pizza Thrower. I think I actually had that toy. This show is sooo good!

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This is going to sound crazy (because it is) Barbara looks amazing with giant muscles on her.

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Raw was awful this week. The NXT match was great. The segments with Miz/Sandow and Slater Gator were kind of funny but ultimately pointless. John Cena and Heyman are great on the microphone but the heavyweight title picture has just been getting worse and worse ever since the D. Bry injury. This is just not a good time for the main product.

I was just thinking about the blue cage recently. It's too bad Corey couldn't make it this week but in the words of the Million Dollar Man, "Everybody's got a price. Everybody's gonna pay." I think Joe did a good job for the most part. He gets props from me for remembering dudes like Akeem and Puke and generally being funny and insightful. He doesn't quite have the podcast chemistry that Mat and Corey have but he did well. I just hope Comicvine doesn't continue feeding Mat these jobbers to build him up for the return of Corey.

Thanks for the podcast. Looking forward to next week and you both better have promos prepared for your create-a-wrestler feature. Also don't watch TNA. The characters, story angles, and promos are next level awful.

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I really loved this issue. The 90's battle dialogue was flawless as was the era specific art. The story was great but it all feels rather needless to use this as continuity if it's never going to be used again post Original Sin. I like so much of the stuff that Duggan has written into Deadpool's past because a lot of it is still ambiguous as to whether or not he remembers correctly. OS kind of makes this too much of a solid retcon for me to feel fully satisfied. Regardless of that, bravo to this creative team. I think every single one of these "lost" issues have been fantastic.

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I actually enjoyed the Swamp Thing Future's End issue. Kind of felt like a mini lesson in biology within DC comics and it had some cool call backs to some of the existing New 52 continuity. I thought the ending sequence was interesting albeit a bit baffling. It almost felt like the start of an alternate timeline that creates a Cancerverse style outcome. I think my favorite part of Soule's run is how it explores the earth elemental side of Swamp Thing where as Snyder masterfully established the human side of the character from beginning to end. And the art is usually extremely good. The series isn't mind blowing or anything but it's still one of my favorite of the original 52 ongoing titles. Thanks for the podcast. I never miss an episode.

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Raw was ludicrously bad this week. The opening tag match was the best thing in the whole show. Bo feuding with Swagger makes absolutely zero sense and that somehow makes it even funnier. The part on Smackdown where he tripped Swagger had me dying of confused laughter.

As much as I wish I could ironically enjoy this Bella garbage it was really unwatchable. The Growing Up Elfring segment made me bust a gut. I almost forgive the source material for being so bad because Mat managed to make it funnier than it actually was.

When it comes to wrestling moves I'm more fond of slams and drivers than submissions, strikes, and aerials. For a favorite I'd probably go with the Death Valley Bomb mainly because that's Clark's super move in most King of Fighters games. The way Cena does it is more of a press or a toss. If I had to pick a non finisher....I don't know, Thumb Poke to the eye maybe, certainly one Lawler's best moves. Worst move is definitely the Bronco Buster. What is that're basically dry humping someone's collar bone or sternum or alternating between the two. You would need a spiked codpiece for that to be even remotely effective.

Thanks for the podcast guys. I wish I could tell you how to make it better but right now it's pretty good. I've felt for many years now that wrestling is part opera, part ballet, part comic book. So kind of like martial arts movies. Keep making fun of awful promos or I'll drop you on that stack of dimes you call a neck and that's the bottom line because the copyright lawyers said so!

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@undeadpool: I think Smackdown is worth talking about this week. I don't know if I'd go so far as to call it good or relevant but some of it was...interesting. One finish in particular had me laughing so hard and at the same time completely baffled me.