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Here's the Superior Iron Man announcement. <opens link to Thor announcement page> Well that's just great....

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This was a strange issue, mostly in a good way. The whole thing with the Guardians seemed completely needless other than giving the Allreds an excuse to draw them. No complaints from me if that's the case since I continue to love their designs of Marvel characters. There's definitely some sort of Twilight Zone vibe with whatever's happening in Anchor Bay. Maybe Mat should move there since they aren't into super heroes either.

I don't know I feel like the Allreds' art is what's carrying this book for me. The writing's okay but the tone is not something I think necessarily fits the character. And if they plan on keeping him on Earth for an extended period I'm going to be bummed. Seems like this is more for the sake of Dawn's personal arc than advancing Silver Surfer's character. I'm digging it enough overall to stick with it. This series is just sooo close to being incredible issue to issue but there's something about the pacing that's keeping me from outright loving it.

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I haven't voted on these for several months now I think. I don't know they're just glorified popularity contests and there's nothing wrong with that. At the very least we get to see some of the community's more articulate writers. I probably would've voted for Deadpool, perhaps for fanatical and irrational reasons if I'm being honest.

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Wasn't expecting a podcast this week. I appreciate the effort guys. It seems like a funny coincidence that both Mat and Damien Sandow did a Bruce Springsteen impression this week. Is that a usual thing that always happens every year around Independence Day?

I felt like cracking up whenever Mat got interrupted by his significant other on the mower. In my mind I was picturing her intentionally trolling him by passing slowly just outside his window while staring at him with a Stepford wife/ Black Hole Sun style perma-grin on her face. Funny considering I have no idea what she looks like.

I enjoyed a few comics this week though I'm a bit disappointed in the waning interest in Swamp Thing on the podcast. I can understand that you guys got a bunch of stuff to read already but I'm digging that book even if the pacing is a bit sluggish. I'm always racking my brain to think of questions that you guys don't get asked a million times such as this week. Thanks again for the episode dudes.

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Behold his power. The power of being a literal lunatic. There's almost a supernatural element of having Khonshu's boon while fighting at night. Seems like he has certain buffs like an aura of intimidation, protections from evil and such. For all I know it's the costume that's simply making him too freaky for normal thugs to fight properly. This issue is all about my favorite aspect of Moon Knight, the part where he puts the hurt on a bunch of dudes. This run has been amazingly good. It's going to be hard to top after the next issue.

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@erik: You're probably right, but I didn't so we're on the same page.

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Geez this thread hasn't even begun to see how bad anime can be. Anyways the ACTUAL worst anime is probably some ecchi/hentai garbage or low budget action OVA or something based on a toy or card game. You know, stuff I wouldn't give the time of day. So I chose some generic action shows that completely blow their potential. You can't watch everything but there are some things you can't unwatch.

1. Samurai Deeper Kyo - The epitome of horrible direction and production for a fighting series.

2. Power Stone - Based on one of Capcom's best games and also an abortion of an animated production.

3. I don't know maybe Blue Gender because it was completely forgettable and poorly animated from what I remember.

Hopefully I'm forgetting about something really heinous.

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I was half expecting the Unreal Tournament announcer to chime in with a "CROTCH SHOT!" That ping pong table is one of the best things in comics this year. Wisdom of Solomon indeed. We've seen Flash and Supes play chess, a super speed ping pong match would be insane.

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@senglord: I don't feel like I was all that contradictory. When I mention Luthor succeeding where others don't I'm specifically referencing his role in Forever Evil. I think it's more an issue of reliability than trustworthiness when it comes to Lex. He put together an impromptu response team to beat the Crime Syndicate and succeeded. He has a better sense of who and what he needs to utilize to further his goals even if he can't bring himself to truly trust or bond with a team. You might say that's exploitative but in the end results are what counts. Keep in mind he saw how utterly evil and destructive Alexander Luthor was so it's possible that he realizes that he's really not as evil as he could potentially be.

Let's face it, New 52 Batman (or rather Geoff Johns Batman) hasn't exactly been all that reliable in the big team confrontations from what we've seen in the JL books. For New 52 it seems like the only reason Batman works with so many different heroes is more of a marketing ploy than an actual character trait. I wish that weren't the case but DC has been so blatant about it that it's hard to ignore. And I didn't read any of Superman's ongoing series other than the Lex villains month issue so for all I know he's super evil in those books.

Anyway I tend to type a lot when I'm stressed out, so if you're finding continuity problems in my writing then it's not a big deal. I said I was down the middle on this topic because it really feels like it could go either way.

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@g_man: Well he must at least like when terrible things happen to superheroes. See? He... likes them...