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I'm giving this to Superman. Strength aside Superman is smarter, faster and has more tools at his disposal then Hulk does. Superman doesn't need to punch Hulk or out muscle Hulk in a contest of strength to beat Hulk.

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Dragon rofltstomps me and all my friends.

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Thanos, Loki, Mephisto, Dormammu


Adam Warlcok, Dr Strange, Thor, Silver Surfer

Rules: No Mcguffins (Hotu, IG, Destroyer Armor, Odinforce etc)

All characters are at their most powerful incarnations with no augmentations.

The battle takes place in 4 phases each phase has a different location

Phase 1 Space

Phase 2 Asgard

Phase 3 Hades

Phase 4 Dark Dimension

No Bloodlust

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Smith. Smith can just corrupt Megatrons programming in the real world and in the matrix.

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Erza has all of her Equips


No bloodlust

No aid from others

Till defeat (not death)


Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Ferris Erris (Legend of the Legendary heroes) some other notes on Ferris not listed in her wiki. She has been shown to be able to cut through magic spells and absorb and redirect magic with her sword.

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This is a tough Fight. They are both very accomplished fighters. I dont know anything about DH conan but I have read most of the original Conan novels. Drizzt's magic is pretty meaningless against Conan here. Rangers don't have very powerful magic and neither does Drizzt. Conan has faced powerful magicians as well as demons before so Drizzt's magic wont be of much use. Conan is stronger and probably the more skilled combatant. Drizz'ts magical items give him an advantage but Conan is skilled enough to overcome that I think. He's fought worse then Drizzt and come out on top. I mean crap he killed the king of the Frost Giants. It wont be an easy fight fo Conan tho. Drizzt will give it good and Conan will come out badly injured but the winner.

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I'm gonna go with Raiden. Id thing an Immortal god of thunder has a lot more time to practice martial arts then Ironfist then theres the whole god thing.

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After the events of the Metroid series the Space Pirates search for a new alien life form to replace the Metroid as a weapon. They stumble upon.. A Xenomorph Queen. The space pirates are soon all infected and wind up birthing space pirate Xenomorphs. A warband of Predators comes to investigate and this is when Samus walks into the whole mess.

Rules Samus has all her equipment from MP3. Samus is alone the battlefield is a predator temple on an uninhabited planet. Samus is facing 100 Xenomorph drones (born from space pirates) 4 Predator hunters and 1 Alien Queen. Can she prevail or is she stomped? (Or should I up the difficulty?)

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This is hard I've seen DR strange whisk Thanos and Surfer off into an alternate reality before Strange is powerful. And isn't he immortal?

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The Greatest Fanboy war of them all! Waged across distant corners of the internet now comes here! Mac Vs Pc, no morals, Steve Jobs is sill dead, battleground Earth.