My top thirty-eight Superhero/comic book movies

These can either be theatre release or straight to DVD, live action or cartoon, either based on American comics, Canadian comics, or any other comics, can be actually based on a comic or just be superhero genre, can be serious or parody or just have famous superheroes in it.

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Posted by PunyParker

Incredibles,Megamind and Hancock are CBMs?

Posted by SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26

You are going to kill me for saying this but...I hated Incredible Hulk, Mystery Men and Sky High, what would you say if I replaced those with *gulp*...Dark Knight Rises, X2 and Daredevil?

Edited by Malonius

X2 and Iron Man deserve to be in the top 15. I do agree about The Incredibles.

Edited by Shadowsnake89

Nice list. I agree with all except Hellboy though.

Edited by mewmdude77

@spideyivydaredevilfan26: To each their own. DKR is ok for me, It's been a while since I saw Daredevil, and X2 is a relatively good movie. but you are allowed your own opinion.

@punyparker: no, but they are Superhero movies. That's why I said Superhero/Comic book movies.

Posted by mewmdude77

@malonius: I forgot about Iron man, so now it's added.

Posted by ScottyHawkeye

Incredibles,Megamind and Hancock are CBMs?

they aren't The Incredibles is Fantastic Four Parody with sprinkles of X-Men to it, Megamind is a Superman Parody, and Hancock is Superhero movie satire.

Posted by ScottyHawkeye

The Dark Knight is the best there is