My Eleven Least Favorite Superheroes

There's a lot of factors that go with this list, from overhyped, to terrible fans, to 2Dimensionalness, and much more.

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Posted by thespideyguy

Good list. I don't agree with the heroes here but, you justify your reasons.

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Nice List.

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Never let fanboys make you hate a character

Posted by Wolverine08

You're idea about Batman being two dimensional is asinine and so is you're idea of Wolverine being overhyped.

Posted by mewmdude77

@knightfall225: It's not really that I hate any of these characters (Except Reed), I just don't like these ones as much as a lot of other heroes. Most of them I can stand, but I'll gravitate towards other heroes more often.

@wolverine08: Well, you have your opinions, and I have mine. I feel Batman is two-dimensional, because his entire character is about getting revenge for his parent's death. He can never get past it, even though he really had no control over it. I enjoy other Bat-family characters a lot better. My problem with Wolverine is more along the lines that he's taking over a lot. Most of the X-men movies are centered around him, he's in a lot of comics, makes cameos everywhere, and always steals the show.

Posted by Wolverine08

@mewmdude77: Batman is more than just his parents death. He represents two things. 1. The first thing Batman represents is never giving up. Bruce has faced many troubles in his life such as watching his parents die, failing to protect his sidekicks, etc. These experiences have left him a scared, sad, and angry person. He has been tempted by throughout his life to be consumed by his pain and negative emotions, but he has always found the will power to never give up, and instead become a symbol to Gotham. He also represents not giving up in he refuses to give up on Gotham no matter how bad his city comes, and let criminals control the city. Batman will never stop trying to help Gotham unless he is physically unable to or dead.

2. The second thing Batman represents is hope. I know you may think this is weird because Batman always talks about being a creature of the night who preys on criminals, but hear me out. After he watched his parents death as a child, Bruce felt emotions no child should have had to felt such as sadness, loneliness, regret, etc Because of this, Bruce was inspired to become a symbol to Gotham, Batman was that symbol. He wants to give the people of Gotham hope by showing that they don't have to submit to cowardly, superstious criminals, and he does that through his vigilante work as Batman. Ultimately, Bruce's biggest goal is that he can stop the criminals of Gotham and make sure that no child has to feel the pain he felt as he lay if his parents dead bodies. He wants people to have hope.

You say Wolverine is in too many titles? Every top tier character from Marvel and DC is in a lot of titles, it's just business. Nobody is asking you to buy every title Wolverine is in so you get burned out with him. Wolverine is my favorite character, yet I only get two books with him in it each month. If I can do that, so can you. And Wolverine did not hog the spot light in the X films. The only X film that largely around Wolverine was x2. X1 was about Rogue, and X3 was about Jean Grey.

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Nice list.

Not many people make "least favorites" lists.