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I vote Spider-Man 2. The villain was really good. The AMZ spidey movies suffer from meh villains (barring Harry "Green Goblin" Osborn). I love the train scene from it as well, and its a really good movie.

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Is the next fight Loki versus Mr. Furious? Cause I looked on IMDb, and Vince Vaugn has Loki from Hercules on his, and Stiller was Mr. Furious in Mystery Men.

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This is how I see it going down: Hobgoblin swiftly attacks Omega Red and leads him on a wild goose chase, while SpOck takes Wolverine down easily, just like he did before. Hobgoblin tries to slow OR down, but eventually runs out of tools, tries his sonics, and fails, then gets taken down by OR. SpOck and OR go at it, and SpOck eventually wins, with better tech, prep, and is less tired from the fight.

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I gotta say, for everyone voting for any of the Marvel characters on this list, you all must have forgotten Marvel Zombies, cause all of the Marvels here were turned into zombies.
I voted before I read the rules, so I voted Walking Dead cast, since they have the experience. Then I read the rules, and being stuck in Manhattan would get them killed. I think Deathstroke would survive this. Dredd and Taskmaster would both probably rush in, since both are kind of arrogant, and would be eaten. Wolverine would last for a while, but eventually get bitten from the fact he fights up close with his enemies. Elektra would get eaten pretty fast. Red Hood, Green Arrow, Lady Shiva, Snake Eyes, Punisher, and Deathstroke would probably make some sort of alliances, but slowly either Deathstroke or Punisher would some how kill them off one by one until the two of them are left. Then, a zombie sneaks in and bites Frank.

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Batman versus either Superior Spider-Man or Batman versus Spider-Man 2099.

Bane versus Kraven or Bane versus Venom
Joker versus Cletus Kassidy (without access to his Carnage symbiote to make it fairer)

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Winter Soldier has a lot more experience than Batman (I mean Winter Soldier has been fighting non stop since WWII.), and he is willing to kill using his various gear and gadgets, unlike Batman who rarely ever kills.

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I really hope it's not the end of Superior Spider-Man. I really enjoy Doc Ock as Spider-Man so far. I know Peter will be back eventually, but I'd expect Peter to come back sometime closer to the second amazing Spider-Man coming out.

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Green Arrow versus Batman

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I voted Green Goblin. He was the one who killed Gwen Stacy (and made fans realize that the hero wouldn't always get a happy ending), organized the Clone Saga, killed Ben Reilly, took over the country as the leader of H.A.M.M.E.R., killed the Skrull queen, and has hurt Peter Parker mentally and emotionally than any other Spidey villain.

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My very favorite Spider-Man arc.