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Well then disregard my nominations, and I'm sure they won't get votes anyways, I was going for top villains of 2011, as in what villains had the greatest impact or most influence in the comics with a 2011 cover date. My mistake.

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Awesome stuff!! I love your work on All-Star Western and a very awesome Conan!!! Can't wait to see more of your great stuff when I get a chance to browse your art pages.

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I think its just the evolution of the character, it was said in a post earlier on and I've said it in other threads based on similar theme. We starting from ground zero here in the mythos, he hasn't been Superman for long, he doesn't have 70+ years of comic book continuity of experience under his belt. Here he is, a young man who grew up in our modern culture, and think of how your average 20 year old kid nowadays would act if they had superpowers. They would be a little arrogant or cocky at first. He is the most powerful being on the planet, and all other super-powered encounters he's been apart of have been people attacking him. So 2 people show up right after you're attacked, you would get a little rough when them. The writers in many interviews have said that he will be more arrogant and self confident, until he is humbled by experience. And I think that is a very refreshing and realistic take. As a guy in his 20's who is virtually invincible, and whose powers continue to develop and get stronger with each passing day, you would be a little arrogant, even with growing up as a farm boy from Smallville, Kansas. I think its going to take him failing to really realize how much responsibility and care come with being that powerful and ultimately being able to decide who lives and who dies by your actions.

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Love the Manapul Superman and Walsh Martian Manhunter. Wouldn't mind having either one of those on the wall!

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Yeah there are a few too many Hulks out there between Hulk, Rulk, She-Hulk, and She-Rulk. I think Marvel will probably make a Blue Hulk, Orange Hulk, Indigo Hulk, and Yellow Hulk and have an event called War of the Hulks. Then have them all team up together to fight the Death Hulk (which is black).

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Okay is this just an overall villain nomination? I took it as the best villains of 2011, not the 2011 version of the best villains of all time. Can someone clarify this, sorry if I'm missing the obvious, that would explain my nominations more, I geared my nominations around villains that have been relevant in 2011.

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I share your sentiments, which is also probably why DC didn't go with the big reveal and just let that plot device die. I highly recommend the podcast "From Crisis to Crisis" which can be downloaded for free from itunes or found at the Supermanhomepage. I'm going to bring this article to their attention, they've interviewed a lot of the creative team from that era, it'd be cool if they could bring this up next time they have someone on and see if we can get more info on it.

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Okay I'm gonna be honest and come right out and say that I did not read all 691 posts, so sorry if I have some repeats. The Rot (DC) a major force in the New 52 DC Universe, that we see both Buddy Baker and Alec Holland battling in the pages of Swamp Thing and Animal Man. An unstoppable force that seeks to wipe off all creation on the face of the planent is definitely in the top 100 if you ask me!!! Old Hob (IDW) a formible new foe in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, a mutant alley cat with a deep hate for SPlinter and the Turtles and a home wrecker. Gozer (IDW) the Goze is back, and spreading pandamonium in NYC and looking to get rid of Ray Stanz and the rest of the Ghostbusting crew. This new series has all of the awesomeness of the movie and is an awesome take on the main villain Gozer!!

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This is an awesome, a very convincing article, I've read all of these issues and can verify that these unexplained events happened, and the only reason that makes sense is that Superman was in fact replaced by the "Sand Superman" who seemed to think he was in fact Superman. The implications from this article are mind-blowing.

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@ DomDom: That's awesome!!! Very funny, great work!