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I was already digging the book, but the issue where Jay Garrick was intro'd sold me totally. The part where he transformed in the alley was just pure classic goodness.

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@Crom-Cruach said:

@Mercy_ said:

@Crom-Cruach: The one that Kenneth Rocafort drew? His art is what turned me onto the character, freaking incredible.

I'm not a big fan of Kenneth Rocafort to be honest. He's good but very far in my list of preferences. The story was what I liked most about the mini-series. @Mercy_ said:

Emo/semi-emo, doesn't mean interesting, contrary to popular belief.

I haven't seen a single comic character that was emo/semi-emo that I liked. My biggest loves in comics/novels include characters Red Sonja, Conan and Hellboy. Not characters who cry, piss and cut themselves becaze da worldz hurts whaaaaaaaaaa!

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Why don't you like Velocity's new look? I think it is cute.

It looks like some otaku's wet dream along with being emo bleh!

Here's what velocity is supposed to look like:

..HOW? HOW?!?!?!?!

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Since the X-Men Shatter thought many ways such as Wolverine vs Cyclops conflicts; some x-men became clandestine assassins; Cyclops kills Professor X, and others things. I believe if Jean Grey come back, she unite the X-Men in two teams.

Blue Team: Leader: Storm - Members: Psylocke, Rogue, Aurora, Cannonball, Indra, Anole, Northstar

Red Team: Leader: Wolverine - Members: Shadowcat, Molly Hayes, Meltdown, Dazzler, Gambit, Chamber, Deadpool

Gold Team: Leader: Jean Grey - Members: Iceman, Rachel Summers, Polaris, Cecilia Reyes, Cyclops, Havok, Sage, Bishop

agreed, they also need to make it so wolverine is only able to be in 1 or 2 places at once, instead of seven.

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Do we have any reason to believe there won't be a season 3?

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Notice that wonder woman now has the house of EL stamp on her "box".

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How does one have a chance of having his/her work appear onthis list?

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I uh.....I just saw it......didn't like it. The plot seemed pretty weak to me. Catwoman had just about had no back story. Why didn't they have Anne cut her hair short like it is now and base the catwoman off of the version that was in effect before the reboot? (like the hush catwoman) It seems like that catwoman fits more into a real world scheme. The whole line of "i'm gonna finish my father's work on gotham and in the process kill myself and the ENTIRE league of shadows" felt ultra weak. The whole thing about Bruce sitting in a mansion for 8 years was also pretty weak. Just overall I was disappointed. I liked Anne Hathaway, but come on, it's easy to like her. I'm glad that Cilian Murphy reprised his role as Professor Krane again. I know the joker is a hard act to follow, but bane wasn't nearly as menacing as they really could've made him. At the end when his mask gets damaged and he seems to go crazy as he's punching a stone pillar, was a leap into the right direction. They should've made him an unstoppable force of nature through out. I would've been satisfied with Bane being the sole villian in the movie who is on the streets challenging batman's mind, body, and will. All the while there's this cat burgalar running around and the police are still after Bats. Instead we got kind of an overblown and largely unnecessary plot that didn't even feel like a Batman flick. The finale took place during the DAY. Plus, how the hell did bruce escape the fusion bomb? How is "Robin" (ugh why'd they even bother?) supposed to take over as batman when he doesn't even have the training that bruce got from the league? He's not a ninja. End rant.

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Yeah I saw how they did have him doing good here and there. I really have no problem with the new Billy Batson as it's more realistic to how an orphan would probably view the world. (cynic) I just hope that as Captain Marvel, he's not spouting off one liners constantly.

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True. I just hope the "wise as solomon" still has a place. Too bad all the magic kings are dead. They had a very cool and interesting desgin. I was also surprised that Shazam turned out to be black.

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I'm glad that they made Billy into more of a realistic kid, but I just hope they tone down the little sh*t aspects of him when he transforms into Captain Marvel.