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@Black_Claw said:

I'm really hoping TTG and Beware the Batman tank at this point.

Me too. I've already decided to show zero support for them or anything else on cartoon network. It's like they buy shows they know they don't want, just to keep other networks from buying them.

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@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

My opinion on all these Hollywood big wigs giving their two cents...

Ewan McGregor: You already had your glory, now just enjoy being a Giant Killer or whatever it is you're doing now...

Stanley Tucci: Go...away....

Joss Whedon: Jealous much?

Rachel Weisz: Can't even get her "Star" worlds not come near this film...

Jason Statham: Possible Jedi or even a Sith, but that goes without saying.

Bryan Singer: I'm gonna give you to the count of three to just walk away now you s.o.b...not kidding either...

Mark Strong: Yes, Gawd yes. Quickly becoming another Hugo Weaving in my opinion.

Eli Roth: Why are you even here, dude? The only good thing you ever did was Horse Whisperer...GTFO

Olga Kurlyenko: Really? Seriously? You're only claim to fame is being the Bond Girl in the worst ever 007 flick

Eleanor Tomlinson: Now this is fresh talent right here that can be good for the movie.

Nicholas Hoult: Possibly good...did surprise me with First Class..but seriously...why so many Giant Slayer opinions?

Jai Courtney: No...just no. It was the focus on YOUR character that made the fifth Die Hard movie suck!

Mila Kunis: Do I really need to say it? Alright...Shut up, Meg...

Michelle Williams: Wow, Totalfilm is running out of options, isn't it?

Mark Wahlberg: Only if Ted gets to make an appearance in the movie...

Melissa McCarthy: You would make my day if you played a I'm quite serious...

Jason Bateman: Who? Oh

The Rock: I appreciate him as an action star in Hollywood...but I'd just have to give a resounding no. I will personally

construct a neutron bomb if he comes within ten feet of this movie.

Th-th-th-that's all folks!

Dude you're so kewl with out you went out of your way to be a jerk about all these actors. You're so witty.....almost. You want the most negative person in that clip (jason statham) to play in a star wars movie even though he clearly hates all things sci-fi, while you bash people who are enthusiastic about it.

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@FadeToBlackBolt: we have people coming out as if young justice is a bad show...sigh the internet..

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Great ep. I was doing a lot of nodding and clapping. I doubt wally and artimis are gonna be able to stay retired. I also want bart to keep his own outfit. Also, vandal savage is the DC version of en saba nur, so it's not totally unthinkable that he'd stomp some leaguers, though I didn't find it a bit "wtf" when captain marvel was among the stomped.

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That won't save young justice either. Politics are heavily involved, believe me. Plus YJ was never a show directed at young kids. Don't you find it curious that it was put on early saturday mornings? When it first came on the air it was showing at 7:00pm and 7:30. The only way YJ is saved is if adult swim picks it up which is unlikely given how obsessed they are with putting ridiculously stupid/cheap live action shows on their block. Maybe if this was back in 2003, but today, no chance. Just let it be a lesson, stop watching cartoon network as they've quickly shown that they have no love for actual animation.

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won't help. YJ didn't get canned because of low ratings. It, like GL had high ratings. They got canned because there were no toys. Same thing happened to symboionic titan. CN isn't interested in actual good shows, they only want merch rights. The solution is to simply boycott the network. Stop turning to a station that calls itself "cartoon network" because they couldn't care less about "cartoons". Look at that "world of gumball" garbage. Look at MAD. Look at the droves of awful shows that continue to air. The only way a show won't get cancelled on CN is if there are merch and/or if CN owns the show directly. Thats why adult swim suddenly stopped playing anime and started running live action shows that are random as hell (for the people who smoke out). Tom and eric go see the mayor? wtf?! I suggest the Hub or some other network if you want quality animation. I'm done with CN though. Thank God Avatar is only on nickelodeon.

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You basically hit the nail on the head. If it's a good show on cartoon network, it's already cancelled. Luckily Avatar is only on nickelodeon.

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I love the art. It's very different and I like it when comics are allowed to be artistic instead of all having the same flavor. I hope they keep the current artist as he tells a better story imo.

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Annnd we're done. First symbionic titan, now they're axing both GL and YJ. Fuck cartoon network. I will not even bother watching anything on that channel. If the show is quality and made by ACTUAL animators and story tellers, you can expect CN to just cancel it. Remember back in the fall when CN just yanked the dc universe block with NO EXPLAINATION? Yeah, i was waiting for this shoe to drop. I'm done with that channel. Adult swim has been ass ever since they stopped showing animation and started making fakeass jackass shows and stoner shows. (tom and eric? what the fuck is that bullshit?!)

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This ep was fantastic. Loved every min of it. (green lantern had a good one this morning too.) I love how formidable they make the sportsmaster. I've always liked it when characters who have goofy names or set ups end up being awsome all around. Of course deathstroke finally showing up sealed the deal. It's not apparent just how badly megan has screwed things up. When Psimon walked in i was like "oh shh*t". Still I loved alpha team's action today. Arsenal's design is very sharp. The min the green beetle used telepathy, I figured it was a martian. I'm about ready to move young justice into the number 1 spot, narrowly edging out JLU for the best animated show ever.