X-Files 2 Review

The X-Files 2
Ok, i've finally seen the full movie...

First things first...


and wow, just wow...

the new movie blows the first away by miles...

it really feels like it's back to the original series, the medical research, the psychics, the team work, the usual b!tchyness and stupidity of the FBI lol

it feels like the first 4 series again, while i came into the movie hoping for a conclusion to the 'cancerman aliens' arc that spread through the entire series of X-Files, what i found was an amazing movie that really blew me away with amazing writing and not a flashy special effect in sight.

there are more than a few twists and turns in the plot, enough to keep any X-Files fan guessing and the guest star of Billy Connoly playing a paedophile priest was just perfect casting and an amazing character that really grabbed my attention.

The one thing i really didn't see coming was the fact that Mulder and Scully are now in a relationship and apparently have been for several years... but again, it really worked in the overall storyline and actually made sense for the larger plot of the series.

the stem cell research and the medical details really grabbed me as it really brought Scully into the limelight, back to her original medical background and working in her own way to fight for her beliefs with Mulder helping her, or challenging her every step of the way.

i have to give this movie 9 / 10, it only looses one point for dropping the sexual tension between Mulder and Scully that had been brewing for so many years, but the final conclusion to the movie was something i never saw coming and i walked out of the movie actually feeling good about the X-Files again rather than the feeling of "Did i just pay for that?" that i got from the last movie.

Seriously, go and see the movie. it's a brilliant piece of film and stands firm as an X-files movie in it's own right that could quite happily have been attached to the end of the series as a conclusion.

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