Superhero Drug/Chemical Abuse

These guys are ingesting stuff that would get anyone locked up  or cause serious harm in the real world .

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Posted by Djinn

lmao "spinach dont do that to people"

Posted by arrowfan237

Very helpful thank you.
Posted by umbrafeline
well i think it depends on the person lol
Posted by Metatron_Da_Don

glad u guys liked the list :D

Posted by Liberty

This is a great list with some good humor.

Posted by Superskrull86

"normal cookies dont warp your eyeballs"  
Nice list.
Posted by crowncoke

Nice list. Recent additions could be Mockingbird and Winter Soldiers. Both characters dead or about to die and now alive. Both seem to have received the Infinity Formula. It appears that Marvel is using this as it's 'get out of death card' now.

Posted by IvanRider

I know Dozerfleet heroes are really obscure at this point, but you could put down if you wanted to:

Ciem: Remotach pills. (She's also a sex addict.)

Extirpon: Adrenaline junkie. (Same with Earwig.)

Jawknee: Not a true Meethexo, *something* turned her into a giant green chicken...

Yes, I'll admit, there are a lot more sex addicts in that universe than there are drug addicts.