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edit: Didn't know Black Adam's background. Don't think it would be wise for DC to show "Black" Adam and perpetuate stories of a white Egypt , interlaced with a white Aset (Isis) along with a genocidal backstory. ijs it would not be wise.

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So skinny pre-pubescent Cyclops gets to have sex with Wolverine's sex-changed clone.

I am okay with LGBTQ having comics.

But the subliminal it's-science-so-its-okay crap come on... that's not fair & causes a sense of violation and resentment.

In other words its a LGBT mind-f***.

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Blade is set to rejoin Nick Fury's Howling Commandoes in Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. He was an auxiliary member in the.original comic book series but it was cancelled before he appeared. He was in the directors cut edition with longazz cornrows and a crossbow. I put that pic in his gallery but I can't post it with my mobile phone.

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@Supermanwithatan01: Typically, Doom bows to no one.

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What is great about moon knight?
Was Moon  Knight ever a best-seller? and if so what was it about him or his enemies?  Him vs Werewolves? Him vs Multiple personalities?  Him changing identities like a spy or Matches Malone??  Was it his killing (because in Marvel Now! that won't fly with the Avengers, it makes them look incompetent; see Punisher:War Zone)?

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Maybe he could go to an ALternate Dimension and come back as a super-mage. How would that tie into the main stories they plan years in advance tho,,.

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Pulp Noir style? Like The Hood?
I think Marvel's problem with these cult faves is there's no synergy with their other books & films.  
 They tried to put him in Secret Avengers but he didn't develop as a leader or anything.
They feel for the supernatural comics to sell well needs to establish Marvel horror and magic as their own separate branch and type of shared universe.
My suggestion:
1) Moon Knight is not Batman. Moon Knight is The Question.  
2) He gets a power boost and becomes a wizard detective ala Constantine. IE  Khonshu's "other followers" are killed and Khonshu gives Moon Knight all his power. And MK sees demons and magic conspiracies etc. Then you make your Horror/Magic/Demon-Hunter super team.
I see Spector as an Avenger if they play him up as a super-detective but I don't see how a magical Spector (or Blade, The Hood, etc.) fits in with the main Marvel sellers: Avengers, Spidey(an Avenger) and X-Men. Think ultimately Marvel has to hire writers to work on that side of their shared unvierse, Horror, pulp, supernatural...

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@INLIFE: I wonder if Venom will ever headline a game again, I think he did it in SNES.
Never played Ult Spidey but Ive seen vids and I thiink its safe 2 say Hulk Ultimate Destruction was better :) If only  they gave u Guilt/Devil Hulk playability
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Dead Space 3 + Guardians of the Galaxy!
sic em Groot! 
maybe Nova, Darkhawk. U could nerf them by saying the aliens drain their energy powers :D.