New Black Adam. I can't wait to see the destruction.

I have always been oddly attracted to Black Adam. Like most kids I loved reading comics and watching super hero tv shows but something always stood out when I heard or read about BA. He was a "bad guy" but not on the twisted mentally insane level of Joker or the "rawr i KILL ALL" like Kraven the Hunter. In fact, to me Black Adam seemed to be more of a guy who doesn't back down from a fight it challenged but otherwise just wants to be left to do his own thing.

One of the things I really liked about Black Adam is how confident he is. Even if he probably had no chance to beat someone he wouldn't stand down and he just always knew what he had to do. Captain Marvel, who should be similar to him except "good", always seemed unsure of himself even though he had the wisdom of the gods and thats probably why I didn't like him much. Super man is another example of a powerful and heroic icon who (unless made so by bad writing) didn't seem unsure of himself or scared, however he wouldn't go to the lengths that BA would do get the job done. While some see this as sticking to his morals, which is correct depending on the view, Black Adam wasn't afraid to break a few eggs to get the job done. Sadly thats one area where real life tends to lead more to the "bad guys" then the "good guys" in comics. Making tough choices can be hard and sometimes saddening, but they still have to be made. BA is cool because he can do that.

Speaking of Super man, I also like the fact that Black Adam can fight him. Black Adam is a power house that has fought multiple heavy hitters at once and came out evenly matched, on top, or lost ONLY after a nice long fight (length being a relative term in comic book pages). I remember a reading a comic of him vs superman when I was younger (at least i felt younger) where he went up against Super man and did some good damage. I was glad to see that someone could beat Supes and that probably helped further my like of him (This was before the internet and my finding out that superman wasnt as strong as the tv said).

Anyways, like I said I love Black Adam as a character and can't wait to see how he plays out now. I read in the JL books that they are wanting to "bring magic back to the DC universe" and its my hopes that BA will actually use magic to a greater extent. I mean he's powered by magical beings, why not be able to do more than punch and kick?



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Posted by doomsilver

Love Black Adam too. Hope he can shoot black lightning. That would be cool.

Posted by BlackWind

@doomsilver: You mean like in Superman/Shazam: Return of Black Adam? Yeah, they definitely need to include that.