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Apparently a really light week for me, will give me some time to catch up on other series. Its just Deadpool Annual and Infinity here, although I keep simultaneously avoiding and wanting to get Superior Spider-Man

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Apparently a really light week for me, will give me some time to catch up on other series. Its just Deadpool Annual and Infinity here, although I keep simultaneously avoiding and wanting to get Superior Spider-Man

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@grey56 said:


As for you - still wearing the same hat I see. It's funny, during all of my impassioned discussion that the only thing you took away from it was your poor characterization. That's all right though - I'm comfortable with the results here even with a third party stepping in to adjudicate in telling me I'm wrong.

You're a delight, sir. I can only hope for the most positive of experiences with you from here on in the future. Hopefully you find this site as amiable as the rest of your day to day life has been.

Quite a few third parties, actually. Its just you only noticed the one that slapped you on the wrist and told you to stop throwing things.

In any case I would have liked to have had a genuine discussion about Marvel's new books here. Maybe in the future we can focus on the comics and leave the personal attacks at the door.

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Not really a fan of this one, the obvious articulation makes him look like a GI Joe. They seem more geared towards being played with than being collected, which is fine its just an odd design choice for a $20 figure billed as a collectible. Everyone seems so stiff in this collection.

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You aren't doing yourself any favors to distance yourself from the "comic hipster" characterization with this post. Maybe you don't want to, maybe you don't understand how destructive that is, I'm not sure. But being flippant and dismissive, then mocking someone who finds your condescension offensive - is just being obnoxious. You aren't trying to take part in a discussion involving a difference of opinions, you're just writing a self-congratulatory lecture.

So no, I don't want to engage in a paragraph-by-paragraph insult slugfest with you. Accusing me of being a child (again) and being new to comics (again) still isn't going to provoke me into that. You've typed up enough empty content for the both of us. I wanted to discuss new Marvel comics and why you had a negative opinion of them when most everyone else (including myself) seemed to have the opposite opinion, but you clearly aren't interested in that. I wasn't trying to challenge your comic book "masculinity", I was just making an observation.

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@admiral_ironbeast: I know right? I love reading his essays, its like a case study in overcompensation. Especially since I'm not entirely sure he understands all the words he's using, or in the very least needs some help spelling them ("if this is your first indoctrination to the online comic community").

Fortunately he seems to be the exception, rather than the rule. Most of the ComicVine community has been lots of fun to interact with, and I especially enjoy all the recommendations that get shared around here. I've branched out a lot from what I've been reading the last 20-some-odd years thanks to that, and it would take more than being called a child by this prattling user to scare me away.

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Its not just about new readers jumping on for new stories, its old readers wanting to catch up or branch out and being unable to afford to do so. Its a lot easier to justify starting a subscription at $4 every month than it is $100-200 at a time to catch up with TPBs and such. Not to mention affording the time to catch up, I can only read so many comics in a day!

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@grey56 said:


- where are you drumming up your market share numbers? Are you solely referring to new comic book sales? Truly - it doesn't matter; the fact of the matter remains that for Marvel to have dominated the market (read; comic sales and not corollary media) for nearly 4 decades to now be financially in a dead heat is as much of a fog horn than anything. Given all form of media; film, electronic entertainment, clothing and other brand marketing - how is it again that you fee like AOL/Time Warner is being outpaced by Marvel and their film branches farmed out to Disney? Do you even read monthly or annual reports from market evaluations? From the look of your profile - I'd say your main job is seeking out people from under your bridge.

More-over though, if you'd pull your head out of your ass for a second and truly address the heart of my problem you'd probably realize we're not that far off from each other as fans of the medium; I am openly opining about the continuity and quality of the books which I have followed for years. Probably longer than you've known how to scratch your jock. We wouldn't know though because you remain safely anonymous in your ivory tower.

Finally, out of the 7 cited alternatives you've provided - did you even bother to cross reference how many of them fell into consistency with original lament before hammering away at your crusty keyboard? Your penchant for poor characterization aside - it still ignores the stagnant marketing attempts to re-galvanize the fan base with reissues of new volumes and quick creative turn-arounds. I seriously doubt you can even name the longest running creator on any one Marvel book.

You, like most of the other folks on here whom are screaming "DURRR MARVEL BE GOOD" at the top of their internet bullhorn have such a piss poor sample size with which to draw from by comparison that's its like listening to a group of medical doctors try to comment on the importance of structural integrity on the orbital satellite's fuselage being put into orbit. Answering your query as to what I like at this point would be a redundancy beyond imagination - but try reading my damn profile.

You write a 400 word essay on my very reasonable response to your vague criticisms and unsubstantiated claims that Marvel is somehow failing artistically and commercially - on a post intended for Marvel fans - and I'M the troll?

Well maybe you aren't a troll, but you're something worse - a comic book hipster. People like you scare people away from comics every day. Maybe not reading comics, but definitely from joining the comic-reading community. I recently got into digital comics in a big way, which means I'm now more connected with the online community - you make me kind of wish I'd never looked. You may have been into comics "before it was cool", but bludgeoning people with your "credentials" doesn't make your opinion more valid than theirs. It just makes you look like a bully and makes them want to give up the hobby. That is, of course, if they're actually new to reading comics. I just happen to be new to ComicVine. Thanks for the warm welcome.

In any case, I look at this collection of comics and I see a wide variety of promising, fun, engaging, and enjoyable reads (except for Sam Alexander's Nova, obviously). I honestly don't understand how a fan of super-hero comics can look at it and see the kind of negativity that you spewed. My surprise at your response was genuine.

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@grey56 said:

It's sad commentary on the state of Marvel when there is only one title out of this mix which I will spend money on. And it's not as if I am not at a point in my life where I can't subsidize more - I just see nothing which would otherwise motivate me.

Between the wife and I we get around 40 books a month give or take - and Marvel constitutes less than 5 of those books. I still hold faith in Peter David so I request what he does but short of that it's only Uncanny and that only out of stubborn hope.

Between convoluted time-space continuums to every third year reboots to poor visual representation over quality cover art or even worse; bad writing and bad character concepts - it's all quite depressing.

It must gall the piss out of the front offices to see the success DC is enjoying. Competition should sharpen both companies - but Marvel just hasn't seemed to do so over the last 5 years. Perhaps more.

I don't even...what?

As has been pointed out, Marvel has never done a reboot. It should also be pointed out that Marvel is probably not galled at DC, since Marvel controls 32% of the market (DC has 29%) and 38% of units (DC is at 32%). Not to mention Marvel's share in film and television. Objectively speaking, Marvel is doing better than DC as a company.

And...Superior Spider-Man, Infinity, the new Guardians of the Galaxy, Carol Danvers killing it as Captain Marvel, a dizzying array of quality X-Men, the amazing Hawkeye series, and a Deadpool annual with MADCAP!? NONE of that piques your interest? What DO you like?

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Welp. Looks like I'll be watching this series from now on. CV you continue to impress

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