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Iron Fist?

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Really? No Kyle Katarn? Really?

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Well I know what's in the place of Goro in the game now :D

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Series sucks. MASSIVELY! What a huge disappointment... art and writting... First issue was just a reprint of last years point one with 2 or 3 more pages...

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@DMXN: It's 616 but a future version.

EDIT: *Oh just saw the trailer* it really is the present and 616... weird

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How about they cancel Batwing instead Sword of Sorcery? Seriously Sword of Sorcery is being awesome and it's too recent to cancel. Batwing has been a boring piece of crap since day one.

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I don't trust him. He cancelled his own show "Push, Nevada"... one of the best shows ever... and never released the episodes on DVD... and I can't find them online... well at least the last 2 eps. Someone was considerate enough to put the first 5 on youtube a few months ago.

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DC "reboots"

Top Cow "reboots"

And now Marvel... why Marvel??? You were the chosen one! The one that was doing great without this crap!

They all say it's not a full reboot but it sure feels like it... I mean DC kept the Batman and Green Lantern storylines pretty much intact, Top Cow just reformed the way the Universe was built in Jackie Estacado's image and now Marvel just says it won't be all rebooted...

I guess we won't be having Ultron War after all... and some of those new costumes just... yuck. Iron Man is absolutely ridiculous, why not keep the classic paint job of red and gold, that's what makes him iconic! Nick Fury becomes the Samuel L. Jackson version, instead of the classic brown and gray haired gruff old man, Cyclops looks superbad, almost like a dildo, I mean an X-shaped visor? Really? Captain America looks like a hybrid of the classic costume with the movie one... honestly I would rather if they went with just the movie one, I like it much more than the classic. Just ditch the mask, Rogers is much cooler without it. Thor and Hulk are kinda so-so but I think having armor on the Hulk is absurd: guy is pratically invulnerable, Thor should ditch the swords and put the cape on his back...

Seriously, will someone stop this "reboot" fad? Who's next? Dark Horse?

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Oh god... Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe again? Get your marbles together Marvel... we were waiting for Ultron War not this crap!

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Huh...gang? Ultron is already revived but it managed to get away. Stark said himself that when he comes back it's going to be for that apocoliptic vision he, cap and the Avengers saw. Besides I reiterate what I said in my comment in yesterday's teaser reveals.

«Wow... so many angry comments.
First things first: Stop complaining about Thor dying again and the hammer getting broken again, I like Thor and yes he's died a lot but these are teaser images that only show Thor's Hammer in bad shape, not him dead and besides, how many times have the events of a teaser image really occurred? If a comic teaser image/poster meant the things depicted always happened then how many times would it be now that the villains would have won? Seriously. Stop taking teaser images so literally and stop with the Thor'eal love.
Second: yes Marvel does many events, and some have been really crappy like the first act of AvX (but the second act started of great, let's hope it keeps that quality), but the vast majority end up being overall good despite the flaws, unlike DC that rarely has a good event. Night of the Owls and the various War of the Light crossover events were good but Flashpoint? The Crisis? War of the Green Lanterns? Geez people. I'd rather have back-to-back events that are so-so than occasional events that generally suck. Besides the argument in favor of fillers is ridiculous as they are absolutely boring 90% of the times. That's the reason I stopped watching Naruto and Bleach and only continued reading the mangas. The occasional filler is good but back-to-back fillers are much worse than back-to-back events.
As for the story itself: pretty sure it's Ultron War. To whoever said it's too soon check the timeline. It's time.
Yesterday's X-men as to do with the Phoenix-Five. They said they were more than just mutants now hence the yesterday. Besides it runs parallel to Steve's Vision of the Ultron War.
The only thing that would be left to explain since "Fear without man" is probably Fear Itself: The Fearless (Valkyrie and Sin are women and still has to do with the Worthy's Hammers) is "What's in the rings". Well since the Mandarin has returned and has focused on making Stark's life a living hell, I'd say that's it specially because if i remember correctly Ezekiel Stane asked the exact same question after realizing he was under the ring's control.
Now you will ask how would this tie to Ultron? Well... what has Stark gone and done because of the pressure Mandarin put on him? He separated the armor from him. It's now an A.I. run Iron Man 2.0. That seems like a good body for Ultron to take over wouldn't you say? Specially because future Stark doesn't have the Extremis armor... he's got a rudimentary one ressembling War Machine's.
As for Spider-Man's involvement? Well Future Stark makes it very clear that it's Kang the Conqueror's fault this thing starts, but if Spider-Man is also responsible for this? Well... we've seen him getting closer and closer with MJ again. Wouldn't that make him wish the deal with Mephisto went down the drain while keeping Aunt May alive? He could be willing to change time in order for this to happen, and remember that after Spider-Island Madame Web said he would have a lot to bear should he choose to continue being Spider-man and although Sable's death (?presumed?) has taken a toll on him I don't think this was it yet.
Besides the mystical part of Marvel is also brewing something AND I'm fairly sure it has to do with Mephisto: I mean Magma is a powerful mutant but not the most powerful, why would Mephisto want something from her (it was not love, he had an ulterior motive that Loki ruined according to Mephisto himself), we had the Red Hulk, Venom, X-23 and Ghost Rider being marked with those pentagrams after that small crossover in Vegas and finally Rahnne's son is from a god and she has now decided to go after him. This last one is more flimsy and apparently not Mephisto related but it's on the Mystical side nonetheless. Probably Mephisto knows what Spider-man is going to try to undo the deal and is getting ready for it.
Also on the Mystical side of Marvel I almost forgot about the Defenders having to deal with the Concordance Engine.
Of course the mystical side may be something entirely different.»