Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition Europe

In case you are looking for it and aren't finding it in the usual places (Amazon and eBay), I found it at 
Already pre-ordered it. Anyone played the demo? Looks awsome but gameplay doesn't look improved or different with the exception of the zero-g mechanic. 
Also I found it more easy to kill the necromorphs... Didn't have to dismenber some... that's a let down...

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Futurama is awesome

Just saw episode 9 from season 6. The professor completely nailed on the topic of creationism: I don't want to live on this planet anymore.


Demon's Souls play diary

Just beat the Phalanx yesterday. Sadly I'm away from my PS3 for the weekend. I gotta say the game exceeds my expectations it's hard but in a fun away contrary to Ninja Gaiden Sigma which made me throw my controller around every minute I was playing and immediately sold once I was finished. It's got a simple game mechanic and it's just too fun to read other player's message's and watch their bloodstains (it shows how they died). Also glad I got the Black Phantom's Edition since the guide they included is just awesome. It's not a mini-guide. It's a full guide for an extra 5 bucks plus it comes with the soundtrack.

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