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Guess no one finds this interesting. My bad

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Superman/Doomsday vs Hulk/Thor I don't see what morals have to do with this fight at all. Supes and Thor have both shown that they will do what they need to in order to win a fight for justice. That is where the snag in this battle is. Why are they fighting? Do they believe the other to be a threat to humanity? In any case, the Hulk would eventually destroy Doomsday in a one on one. He would figure out that Dooms is able to come back after each blow and would ultimately launch him off the planet. Superman vs Hulk would pretty much end the same way, after Supes trying to reason with the brute in his boyscout way. Thor vs Superman, I believe Supes has this one in the bag. Thor does not have super speed last I knew. Superman has several additional powers in addition to all of Thors (lightning aside). Not to mention, Supes can lift Mjolnir should he get the chance. Thor vs Doomsday would be fun to see however, if you go with young Thor who likes a good fight. I think Thor would bash the monster to space just as Hulk would. My choice for victory, Superman and Doomsday. Although, I see no reason a Hero and Villian would team against a couple Heroes. Then again, it also depends on what each team is fighting for, what their motivation is to win.

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Alright, so for my first thread I wanted to make a VS thread, however according to the VS rules this wouldn't be allowed there. Here, you will find a list of heroes and villains who are my Brain team. They are all on the same team, working cohesively with each other. I want to know who you would send against them if you were in it to win it and why. The only rules are they cannot be on my list, they cannon be anime and you cannot use more than 15 characters.

Mr Fantastic

Iron Man



Bruce Banner

Charles Xavier

Lex Luthor

Norman Osborn


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Bats could most likely do this. Are we talking about the current line up? Just one team of avengers? Or is this every person who has strapped on the A? However, if Bats gets the symbiote in it's 'insane' state it may be difficult and I would say Bats wouldn't be able to make it.

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Batman wins this one for sure. You want an explanation, one name: Felecia Hardy

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I don't know much about anime, and it's difficult without knowing the purpose but here we go:


Peter Petrelli pre Villains Arc from Heroes (comic version was made)

Captain America (616)

Vegetto from DBZ

Light Yagami from Deathnote

Ash from Pokemon