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@renchamp said:

I think it is very sweet that @saren is listed as an extreme enemy.

I'm jealous that I'm not, tbh

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@sorciere said:

@mercy_ She rose slowly from her bed, the full stature of her lithe, bare physique revealing itself in a silhouette as the early morning sun hid behind her. Her athletically-limber arms reached to the top of her head to untie the loose bun resting on top, allowing the silky locks of her raven hair to cascade down her shoulders her in effortless waves.

Taking a deep breath in, she was instantly reminded of the quality of the island's air that managed to invigorate her every bone and muscle, making her feel as though she had spent months recovering in a spa or resort in only a matter of minutes.

Her bare feet padded quietly through the Grecian-style living space and out onto the balcony, where she leaned forward to rest her elbows against the railing. Her cerulean eyes gazed out over the city below her, where the day had long since began for the numerous Arashikage warriors and citizens. The island had gone through many changed since her first visit, but overall, it still held its empyrean beauty and captivation that originally made her fall in love with it. Looking out over the sun-basked island, she knew it would always be the closest thing she could ever call a home.

"Enchanteresse, it's good to see you back on the island. I hope you slept well. Is there anything I can get for you," came a small voice from back inside, the woman interrupting Eva's daydreaming. Turning around with a affable smile that brightened her angelic French facial features, she answered the girl's inquiries.

"I'm lovely, thank you Alexa. I think I'll get dressed and have breakfast in the Dining Hall," she answered with cool pleasantry, adding another question just as the girl had turned to leave. "Oh, and Alexa, I was also wondering - do you know if Mercy's on the island?"

"Mercy's almost always on the island." The slightest hint of an English accent could be heard as the Sanguine appeared out of the shadows of the room. A beguiling smile graced her classic features, genuine joy and eagerness lighting up her face.

The moment that Eva had set foot on the island, Mercy had been alerted to her presence, just as she was with all arrivals on the island due to the preternatural security systems.

The tropical breeze wafted through the open doors, lightly rustling the beachy waves of Mercy's hair around her face. Her naturally alabaster skin carried a light glow, naturally enhanced by the white embroidered crop top sculpted around her bosom, highlighting a naturally tapered waist. The partially translucent maxi skirt revealed a lithely toned leg via the slit that traveled most of the way up the side of the garment.

The deadliest of assassins had learned at the side of the immutable Valerie Huntington-Whiteley how to display the most effortless and effervescent of grace in any situation, and did so at her most laid back on Agiad'coda.

"It's been far, far too long, and it's wonderful to have you back into the fold." Stepping beside and in front of Alexa, a comfortable hand on the shoulder of the trusted woman, Mercy welcomed the subtly deadly Sorciere back to the island of the Arashikage. "Anything specific that brings you back to us?"

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I think that probably drinking the majority of a bottle of Jim Beam while you're sick is probably not conducive to getting better

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The Sanguine approached. She's roughly of average height. Fashionably thin. She bows; it surprises me. I didn't return the gesture of respect because I didn't respect her. It was too soon for that. My respect is not a gift.

We had a job to do. An important job; one I needed her for. The Saguine had always been a figure of extraordinary skill and lethality, perfect for the modern era. No city was as suited for the Sanguine's lethal skills than Gothic. She was the perfect weapon here.

"No. We are the first to arrive and my computer skills are not up to the task." There were a million things that could go wrong. I could trigger a failsafe that deleted the files, or worse yet changed them in ways we could not detect. We could become unknowing victims of sabotage before we had even started. "That is part of the reason I contacted you; my skills are rather specalized."

“I understand.” Mercy's voice was calm and any hint of her natural accent had been schooled out, resulting in the most inconspicuous and bland of American accents, just an additional measure in the guarding of the Sanguine’s identity.

“I’ll hit the central banks, transfer everything into two minimized external drives, both containing all information.” They were working together for a singular cause, but there was another figure who would have use of this information, a figure who had taken to the shadows and remained there for quite some time.

Shattered glass from emptied windows crunched beneath the thick soles of her boots as an unseasonably warm wind fluttered through the building, indicative of fires raging in the city.

An orange hazy glow backlit the half destroyed emergency lighting of the government building as Mercy strode down the main hallway. Marble tiles were chipped. Oil paintings on the wall had been torn, ripped and otherwise destroyed. Frames that had had any value to them were scavenged, as were numerous governmental artifacts and tidbits.

None of them were of any use, so Mercy couldn’t imagine what the rest of the city was like.

Of course, she didn’t need to. Reports were streaming in constantly via the comm device/radio that was nested in her ear.

It was mayhem, death and destruction. The worst parts of the Bible, basically. A world that she was all too well acquainted with, but simultaneously a world that she thrived in.

The computer banks had been locked in a secured and fortified room, protected in the event of an attack or threat, but no match for the Sanguine.

Swift movements and motions pulled up the screens that she needed, running on the same emergency power source that kept what was left of the emergency lights running.

Gloved fingers flew over the sleek black ergonomic keyboard as the deadly assassin slipped a device from the small pouch on her waist and inserted it into the USB port.

Immediately the screen went green, lines of code cascading down and over as the systems were breached, and all information not only copied, but outright taken, preventing anybody who would come after them from being able to access the information.

A sigil-like icon flashed before the screens went blank, all information entirely purged from the systems, and the drives wiped entirely clean. It would take years of the worlds most advanced supercomputers working endlessly to be able to retrieve even a sentence of the information that had been stored.

Slipping the two identical devices into the pouch at her waist, Mercy exited the room, connecting again with Ivana, who had played sentry at the doorway.

She slowly slid a hand into the pouch and retrieved one of the two devices, offering it to the deadly Strigidae. “Systems are cleaned, everything we could ever hope to need is on that device.”

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I kinda wanna go red with Aeron

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@thee_champion said:

I think a story in which Alexis loses his powers would be fun to write. And I want to give Santi a bodyguard character.

I need to read this ASAP, and also have Ren tease Santi about a bodyguard

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I'm so mad at myself right now -__-