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Did y'all want me in on this or did you want to do that thing with the three of us another time?

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WATXM Emma is so important

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@valerie_huntington: @andres_knightfall

The Sanguine allowed the conversation between the two nearest and dearest to her, aside from her treasured daughter, to play out. It was always a war of titans when Andres and Valerie came up against each other. Luckily for all in this room, and the world at a whole, that was not the case here. Nor had it ever really been. They were the two most strongwilled people that Mercy knew, and it was forever a sense of comfort to her that the three of them formed such an easy camaraderie.

There had been a point in time where Quintus had been a part of that group, but time and methodologies seemed to have phased him out, but not before he'd put cracks in Valerie. They were cracks that had healed, perhaps more quickly than normal, but it had created an indelible shift in dynamics as much as his current course of extremist action did.

Allowing her hand to slip from Andres', Mercy gracefully rose from her seat and went to stand before the oversize window that ran almost from floor to ceiling, and several feet across.

The glowing beams of the moon streamed in, illuminating the lithe silhouette of the Black Queen. Peering over her shoulder, Mercy made eye contact with first Valerie and then Andres, mulling over her thoughts as the three tactical titans strategized.

"They're not men, not in so many words. They are something entirely else." Her words were quiet as she spoke, mulling over the information that had been imparted to her with regards to the Third Society. "It requires a tactical approach, one that doesn't reveal our hand until the time comes to strike." Little did she know that she was mimicking part of the strategy that her own daughter had devised to counter their foes. "Andres has a contact who is putting together a specialized team." She knew of Santi both through Andres' information and her own. "We'll be piling in what assets we're able."

Sighing deeply, Mercy absentmindedly twisted the sapphire at her ear, worrying at her lip. Ice blue eyes met her own as the two sisters made eye contact and exchanged thousands of words with that simple look. In complete tandem as always, worries and fears were allayed as anger and the need for vengeance was stoked.

Casting one last look out the window she turned, Mercy strode through the aromatic smoke that was wafting through the air of the room and returned to the couch where Andres was currently seated, settling in at his side, unrealizing of the fact that the physical connection to him was settling to her, a reminder that he was back, safe and sound.

At Andres's declaration of putting a ring on her finger, she curtailed her reaction. Her heart leapt with joy, joy that she was not expecting. Mercy had never intended for children, for marriage, and her relationship with Andres had always been perfect in her eyes. They understood each other on a level that was almost unattainable to others. They had weathered attempted takedowns, vengeful exes, literal wars, his supposed death...and Mercy had never required the promise, the public declaration.

Shifting slightly against his side, she turned her head to smile up at him, her uniquely hued purple eyes radiant as red-stained lips curled into a beaming grin. "Is that so, mon amour? Are you finally going to make an honest woman out of me?"

It was one of the more intimate and private moments in their life, but somehow neither were at odds with Valerie being present for it.