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@mortal: Hi, the Geists were all banned a while back, and previous to that, we put a ban on threads where they were the subject, so in the future, please refrain from bumping threads having to do with them.

You can pay to change your username by becoming a paid member of CV (either monthly or yearly). Information on that can be found here

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This really didn't need a bump.

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Awwww thanks y'all! We get a lot of crap thrown our way, it's nice to see a thread directed towards us that isn't passive aggressive or outright abusive. Appreciate everybody who put the time in to contribute to this, and also the myriad of people who are what make modding this website so worthwhile.

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@anthony_stark: @pyrogram

There was a brief moment where she saw red. Fury blazed through her at the mistreatment of her daughter, at the pure arrogance of Stark, at the misbegotten notion that he was righteous, that he was good, that he was...loyal. It left the taste of bile on her tongue, as it was confirmed right before her that Anthony Stark was deluded as well as ineffective, one of the most dangerous combinations that could have presented himself.

This was a show for him, a place to state his righteousness. The only thing that could have made it more textbook was if it was being broadcast, but the defenses of the island prevented that, among other things.

Catriona telepathically communicated with her mother along a very similar path to the one that she and Andres has used, confirming the fact that certain aspects of the Sheridan-Knightfall’s physiology took after her ‘deceased’ fathers.

A meeting with Quintus would be in line after Stark had been handled, the island shifted, and the betrayer eked out from those on the island. The Sanguine and leader of the Arashikage was still unsure how the betrayer would be dealt with, but she did not feel in a forgiving mood.

The moment that Catriona was released from the vice-like grip of Stark, Sorciere utilized her unparalleled agility, grace and powers to safely retrieve the treasured baby, removing her from the impending clash of titans with the utmost speed.

Eardrums burst at the unprecedented magnitude of decibels, rocking the Sanguine to her core. Threads of blood trickled down her ears, sliding across her sun-bronzed complexion. It allowed Stark enough of an opening to approach her closely, but bringing things into close quarter combat would be the first of his tactical errors.

There was a whirring in her ears and a muffled noise, as if everything that was making its way through was being filtered through something that dampened the sound. It was nothing worse than anything she’d experienced before, but it was a minute distraction nonetheless.

Reflexes allowed her to jerk her face out of the way, but between ruptured ear drums and the other surrounding minutiae, it provided too much for the Sanguine to fully counteract the blitz teleportation. So she instead utilized their proximity and Stark’s divided attention as he attempted to choke the life out of her.

Coughing gently as his armored arms fiercely gripped the column of her throat in an attempt to press deeper, resulting in an internal beheading and severing of the spine, Mercy employed a light touch of telekinesis to cushion herself. She still felt the damaging effects, but it was subtle enough to simultaneously save her and slide past Stark’s apt senses.

It lulled the powerhouse president into a false sense of complacency as she focused her telekinetic talents elsewhere. It was a power that could be utilized in a countless myriad of ways, but in this moment, the Sanguine was choosing to tactically utilize it. She wanted to humiliate Stark before she killed him, knowing through the duration of the fight that it could be ended at the speed of thought via her own discretion.

The unseen and undetectable power source ate away at the mechanisms of the suit, dismantling them down to their smallest working parts, isolating them from one another. Mercy assumed that the suit would alert Stark to this occurrence, but that would not make it any more functional.

Wresting her shoulders, she torqued from his hold, wrenching her body in an unnatural angle in order to slide out from the impressive grip. Sliding to the ground in a surprisingly smooth motion, the Sanguine put space between her and her prey while executing a seamless forward roll.

Sliding swiftly to her feet, Mercy Sheridan drew a specially imbued knife from her belt and aimed it with unerring precision at Stark’s shoulder joint in the armor. The specially forged metal with the impeccably sharp blade would hopefully cut directly through. If not, it would prove to at least be a distraction in some form as she gained her feet, squaring off once again against Stark, more than a bit worse for the wear this round.

“What was that about handling the bogeyman?”

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16 was when I started thinking for myself and I rewatched STAS

Seriously underrated show, imo

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@premiumrook: @peak: Thanks!

And yeah, that's something we get questions about a lot

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Wait, so is the limit ten or fifteen?

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@quintus_knightfall: It really is Diana in a nut shell. It's part of why the Trinity worked so well (mostly Pre 52). She's not as painfully grimdark as Bruce can be, but she also doesn't have Clark's shiny optimism. She's a realist without being a pessimist. She's a hopeful realist, or even a pragmatic optimist. She will believe the best in people until it's time not to, and she will give people her best side until it calls for doing something more than that. The Max Lord saga is really the biggest spotlight of this. She will absolutely kill when that is what is called for for the greater good.