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I kinda wanna jump in as Ren, too

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Don't make intentionally mismatched spite battles.

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Renchamp is correct. There are multiple other threads discussing this, including the one directly below this. The bug reporting forum is not a quick moving forum, you should be able to scan the front page of it and pretty quickly see if there are other threads that discuss the issue that you are having, and refer to those (and bump them with your information, as well) if you are having a problem.

This isn't a discussion forum like most of the others, it's a functional one like Editing & Tools, and we really need to keep it as streamlined as possible for the ease of everybody involved.

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@hylian: Hi, please don't bump old threads without adding anything substantial to them. It just makes work for the mods, having to lock irrelevant threads like this one.


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@lady_liberty: She is :) I wanted to write a Horseman who was sort of an outlier to the others.

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Inside of Mercy Sheridan was the inherent ability for death and destruction, displayed majestically in the art of killing and war.

During her relatively brief time on the planet, this particular Sanguine had left in her wake a path of unmitigated death. But Mercy Sheridan was not the first Sanguine, nor would she be the last.

The legacy of the Sanguine was one that reached back to the time of Christ, and more specifically, to Mary Magdalene herself, and came forward, descending through time, female to female, mother to daughter, down the line.

It was a title bathed in blood, and steeped in combat. One that had helped shape war, helped end them, and on more than one occasion, provided the spark that would light the world afire with blazes of blood, glory and gore.

The fourth Horseman had been chosen, the embodiment of War, suited better to none other than Mercy Sheridan, the Sanguine.

A single slash of lightning pierced the sky, accompanied by the royal boom of thunder, punctuating the nigh-apocalyptic landscape of Pittsburgh as War arrived, apparating out of seemingly thin air.

She landed bent on one knee, the pavement cracking on impact beneath her on the Fort Pitt Bridge. The avenue into the city would, unknowing to her in this moment, be blown by the government, along with all others, should the city be deemed a loss.

But for now, her target was the vast hordes of reanimated dead, leading her to none other than Brahma Bull. The instinct of war was at turmoil with the need to prevent the loss of the city, two inherent instincts that were equally at home within her.

Black hair had taken on an unnaturally inky dark tone, and appeared almost as if stars were bedazzled in it, moving in the fire-warmed air with an unnaturally liquid smooth quality.

Her oddly hued purple eyes had taken on a tone of bronzed ice blue, reflecting nothing but the certainty of death.

There were a million instincts roiling around her head, and a quality to her body that had never been present before. The host of vastly powerful telekinesis as well as two thousand years of accrued combat knowledge via the Sanguine line, this was something entirely unprecedented for the Sanguine.

She could feel the vivacious intensity of war itself running through her veins. instilling within her almost an enthrallment. The titanic clashes that were simultaneously taking place in the city did nothing but fuel this new power within her.

Lifting her head up to peer out at the surrounding scenery, Mercy struggled to retain her groundedness and humanity, at risk of drowning in the deluge of instincts that had begun to swell up within her.

But she allowed herself to follow them, to begin her venture forward.

It was a sight that nobody in the vicinity could miss.

Atop the lanes of the bridge, cars had been abandoned as people had sought to flee on foot. All that was left behind were the cars themselves. And in the middle of the bridge ventured one lone creature - the Horseman of War, a deity unto herself at this point in time.

Clad in a mystical silver armor that covered the entirety of her body, save for hands and head, Mercy could sense that it was psionically controlled, able to be called at her will.

She was a small woman, but her personality, her grandeur, it all gave off the very real impression of being larger than life.

The fires roaring across the city were the ambient backdrop, highlighting the blood red cape of War, billowing in the wind, almost as if the banner of her impending arrival onto the field of combat - her true home.

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Don't do this again, consider this a warning.

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@614azrael: Whisper is surprisingly easy and fun for me to write. I just need to get a bio up for her and then she'll be a breeze (I've been having a lot of fun with bios lately for whatever reason)

I'm glad you did. I want to do something with her and one of my characters when my schedule eases up in the future.