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It hurts to laugh -__-

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@thunderbolt: You should check your Clara account's PMs ;)

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@andres_knightfall: @valerie_huntington

The decadent ring sparkled bedazzlingly on her finger, beams of light reflecting through the facets of the flawless stone and making it appear as if it were lit from within. But the ring was simply a symbolic totem of the love, the respect, the passion, the trust that was between these two. A physical manifestation of the unending bond that they had pledged to one another with actions and thoughts on quiet nights in each others arms.

"Andres," she murmured his name softly, a thousand promises encapsulated in those two simple syllables. His words humbled her, moved her. "I'm the Sanguine. I hold millennia of legacy in my head, in the power of my hands. I can kill with a thought, irrevocably change lives. I can call upon the powers of War. But there are no moments where I feel stronger, more sure of myself, more settled and more important than when I stand by your side, knowing that you are by mine."

She leaned forward on the couch, gently pulling him up as the two rose to their full heights. Mercy was less eclipsed by his height than usual, reaching a full 5'11" in her signature Louboutins. Resting her hands against his chest, she let her eyes drift to the unparalleled piece of jewelry on a perfectly manicured finger prior to sliding her hands around his shoulders and wrapping them around his neck, bringing the two together in a close embrace.

They were each impeccable alone, independent alone, and could stand alone easily both mentally and physically. It was part of what made their relationship as seamless as it was. But together...together they were a unified force with no equal. "I had never searched for somebody, never sought somebody, never needed or even wanted somebody, and yet I was lucky enough to find you." She had fought against this relationship at first, almost run scared. Had insisted that they remain nothing more than friends with a mutually beneficial arrangement. But those notions had quickly fallen to the side as she had fallen head over heels for the Knightfall Don. "I would not trade this life, our life, our family, our love for anything."

Mercy was aware that Valerie had turned her head, allowing the two the semblance of a private moment. But in truth, Valerie was already in every aspect of Mercy's life. If there had been a soul in the world who would have been allowed to pay witness to this moment, it would have been the unparalleled Valerie Huntington-Whiteley.

"There is not a soul who I would rather pledge myself to, Andres Knightfall. I would be honored to be your wife."

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@quintus_knightfall: I was working on a post not asleep, but good job jumping to conclusions in order to fit your comebacks ;)

Man, your complexion really suffered once you got into those upper years. How unfortunate :(

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I loved it. My favorite X-Men story in recent times.

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@xenon_: I think there are like five lol. That's not a lot :P

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@quintus_knightfall: That's part of my struggle with looks. None of my characters actually wear costumes or have a secret identity (unless you count fake identities, which aren't quite the same)