Possible Marvel Family Book Coming?

If you've been following my blog posts tonight at all, you'll see that I was trolling through Gail Simone's tumblr. She's great about answering questions and one of them was the following:

You like the Marvel family, you also are VERY popular. Why on Earth haven't they let just write up a book of it yet?

Her response: There IS a good reason for it, one that makes me happy. But I can’t yet answer this, I’m sorry.

And I’m unpopular, everyone says so! ;)

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Posted by Hawkeye446

Thank you DH! I had no idea Gail had tumblr :) Also, this is exciting news!

Posted by Adnan

Capt. Marvel's been asked about a couple times already, pretty much everyone gave the same response as what Gail just said. Looking forward to it...

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Ya, i had a possible cap one about a month ago with the Azzarelo (or however you spell it) interview. but its nice to see a possible confirmation on it. Maybe i should bring back the one i created for who would write it and what not. Thank you for the update though!!!
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Posted by Jake Fury

DH, you're quite the stalker.......errrr news reporter. 
Nice work kid!
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I want this book. Now.

Posted by azza04

Golly I hope not.

Posted by Mercy_

@azza04: Not an MF fan?

Posted by jsphsmth

Wow, that sounds great. The SHAZAM family always comes up when she is asked about who she would like to write. It would be great to have her writing characters that she feels strongly about.

(Although I was hoping that she would be writing Gen 13 for the DCNu.)

Wonder when DC is going to release details of their second wave. I would guess this would be among them.

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@The Dark Huntress: I'm not really, personally I just don't see their place in the DC Universe. Caps power set is just to similar to Superman's. Having said that... I would not be against the marvel family having their own Earth One book :) I think they would fit better into a universe were there was no Superman.

Posted by PowerHerc

Hmm. Interesting.

Posted by fivestarga

So long as BA comes back, and remains pure to his latest potrayles I'll be a happy camper.