Unnecessary Quests

As much as I adore the quests (I'm on level 20 on my other account), I feel that some of them are unnecessary. Things like Chaste Monk (have 20 blogs), Dear Diary (have one) and whichever one the off-topic forum one is. As for the blogs, yes, you can choose not to attach them to forums, but people don't seem to realize that and as for the off-topic topic one, is it really necessary? For the most part I haven't really seen it inspire many good topics, just random and completely unnecessary threads that are locked.



What are you people thinking when you type this? It's extremely arrogant and not to mention, rude. What gives you the idea that you get to say when/if a debate or thread ends? Honestly, it's ridiculous and it makes you look like an a$$.


Next Whiskey Media Website

What do you want to see them do next? I think that the next logical step (IMO) would be music. A site with lyrics and info on all the artists and such and possibly even downloads. What do you guys want next?



What are your thoughts on the ads? I honestly don't mind them, I would rather have to look at ads then to start paying a subscription fee. I just hate the ones at the side because they compress the layout.