Avatars Gone

Avatars are no longer appearing in PMs and notifications for me. 
Windows XP and Google Chrome 
Also happening with Wondows XP and Firefox


King Hyperion vs Black Adam

King Hyperion vs Black Adam 
(I'm aware that this has been done before, but I'm specifying the OP to make it my own.) 
King Hyperion: He does have the power upgrade that he got from inhaling Holocaust. 
Black Adam: Is at the level that he was during 52 (I don't know if he's had any upgrades or downgrades since then.) 
Battle takes place in the desert.    

Hayley Williams Respect Thread

As most of us know, I love Hayley Williams, I love Paramore. This girl has an undeniable talent and seems to be a real human being as well. Check out the Cribz videos. She's a gamer girl + has comic books. 


Violence vs Nudity

Which is more acceptable to you in movies and/or television? I, personally, will never understand the notion that it's OK to see somebody dismembered, but that seeing a boob is going to be too much. I think that people have their priorities skewed.