Good Couples

Which characters do you think would make a good couple? Similar to the "Give a Date" thread, only you get to choose both people in the couple instead of giving a match to the person above you. xP 
Side-question. Who do you think were/are some of the best couples?


I'm a Sheep. Ask Me Anything

Following in the footsteps of others, this is a place where you can ask me absolutely anything. No question is off-limits, although if I deem it either offensive or wayyyy inappropriate (trust me, I have a very high inappropriate threshold), then I will either ream you a new one (in the nicest way possible) or simply not answer your question. 


What Takes Priority?

As any editors know, there's currently a bug for creator check boxes, allowing you to only check one designation for each creator. My question is which job takes priority? I'm working on converting a bunch of trades that are grouped together as series into individual volumes and I can only choose one title for each creator. 


Switching Points/Submissions

Is there any way to switch points and/or submissions from one account to another? I have an old account that used to be my main and has over 14,000 points on it. I created this one for the RPG forum and now use it as my main. Is there any way to switch the points over from my old one to this one?


Linking to Twitter Accounts

I know that we're not supposed to link to pages other than CV pages on the wikis, but would it be OK to link to Creator's Twitter accounts? I think it would be useful information to have and there is currently no field to put them in the General Information section (something that I would loveee to see). 



I was creeping through Youtube, looking for covers done by New Found Glory (their Kiss Me cover is truly epic and even better live) and I found this: