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This may sound sacrilegious but as long as Rob Liefeld isn't involved I'm happy. However, it is cool that this hearkens back to the old X-Force days of Deadpool and Cable. Should have some great dialogue between Wade and the others. Almost like a retcon so Deadpool can be a bit wittier and comical than his earlier counterparts. Even being one of the largest collector's of Deadpool books I agree there has been an over saturation in the Marvel U lately due mostly to younger readers taking a liking to him. It is a bit of overkill but since his creation in 1991 Deadpool was pretty much ignored by everyone for almost 10 years even though he had solo books. Once he fades out a bit he'll be a regular antihero. I like to compare his popularity to The Punisher in the 1980's. Remember how many Punisher books there used to be? It was crazy, you couldn't enter a comic book shop and spit without hitting a Frank Castle book, yet his popularity has feigned in the past decade despite the movies and new books. I will always love Deadpool and my fondest memory is being 10 years old and spending my saved birthday cash on his first appearance. I rode my bike two towns over and spent $49.00, yes $49.00 (comic shop inflation) on the book that would start my now very large collection. I used to be close to having every single Deadpool appearance but I have a lot of catching up to do now.

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All in all I think the movie and the after credit scene were well orchestrated. Aside from Kitty's new power, the only questions I was left with were intentional by the direction of the film. I'm excited for X-Men: Apocalypse. With this new timeline we'll be getting almost the full lineup of The Uncanny X-Men which is what happened in the comics. Since we now know that Apocalypse will take place in the 80's with no time travel involved we sort of already know the direction. I'm looking forward to Prof. X stepping into his leader role. We will also get to see young Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm, Beast, and already confirmed Quicksilver, Gambit, and Nightcrawler. Maybe we'll get some bonus characters like Banshee, Psylocke, and Havok joining his brother on the X team (or join Mystique). Mystique is more than likely forming the Brotherhood comprised of those we saw and some we didn't. I'm sure Toad will be there. Others may be leftovers from the Weapon X program if that was her intention for posing as Stryker when taking Wolverine into custody. I'm still not sure whether she'd save Logan from the Adamantium process or if she would do it herself. If she is such an advocate of Mutant Rights I don't believe she could sink that low. So maybe she will intercept Sabretooth and Blob from joining Weapon X, try to recruit Wolverine into the Brotherhood, and hopefully we'll get some bonus members here as well like Destiny, Avalanche, and Sauron. Lastly that leaves Magneto roaming as a loan wolf, exploring his powers, and searching the Earth for other Alpha level mutants. This is probably what leads to Apocalypse's awakening. He may hear the legend of En Sabah Nur in Egypt and go searching. Or maybe it will be closer to the actual comic where Cable comes back to stop Apocalypse but his arrival in the past is actually what causes his awakening. Maybe Cable shows up just before Magneto awakens Apocalypse and it happens anyway. There are so many awesome possibilities. This would lead to many different scenarios: Magneto could take the reigns of the Brotherhood when he sees what kind of horror he unleashed. The X-Men and Brotherhood may have to team up against a threat as big as Apocalypse leading to crossovers on the teams. Wolverine and Havok join the X-Men while Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch could start out with the X-Men and join Erik once they confirm the family ties. Apocalypse could manipulate members of both teams to create his horseman team for this era. Gambit, Wolverine, Banshee, Psylocke, Storm, Professor X, Magneto, and Mystique have all been Horsemen at one time in the comics. Best of all we'd get to see Scott and Jean interact with Cable!! I'm leaving out many characters because in this timeline they seem like they would be too young much to my displeasure; Pyro, Iceman, Angel (Warren), Rogue, Shadowcat, and Colossus would all be too young in the 80's to fit this timeline. Any other thoughts? I'd love to discuss this further.

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(IMO) I think that it'll be the obvious beginning where some threat like the Royal Flush Gang (maybe that's why Fong tweeted the card) will show up in either Metropolis or Gotham and Superman will hear it and rush over there just to find some guy in a bat suit has already apprehended the villains. I'm sure Batman will give Supes some tude and that won't go well leading to the title of "versus". It won't help Batman's cause that he either isn't known yet in this universe or is just a myth at this point. Superman will already be established and accepted by the police force and military. Batman may be seen as a villain until Lex Luthor releases some global threat and Batman & Superman realize they need to team up to stop the threat. Supes will vouch for Batman giving him credibility with society. Wonder Woman will probably just make small cameos and show up towards the end with her gear, thus initiating the Dawn of Justice (League).

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Don't they both carry the Legacy Virus? That would make sense how Wade can track Cletus. He can probably pick up on other mutants that have the virus.

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I'm all for it. He definitely has the acting chops. Have you seen The Town? One of my favorite movies ever. He is also really good in Argo and looks to be good as the "boss" in Rounder Rounder. He has the right intensity to portray Bruce. In addition I don't know why people blame him for Daredevil. He didn't write it, he didn't direct it, he was just paid to be in it and do what the big wigs said. BOOM! Phantoms like a motherf%#&er!

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Ok, ready? Ant-Man comes out after Avengers: Age of Ultron. Some say Pym will not be the creator and will not even appear in the next Avengers movie. If so that leaves us to believe that this tech was created by the next source that makes the most sense, Tony Stark. Ultron could even be a corruption of Jarvis' AI causing the program to make an army of Ultrons based on Iron Man armor blueprints. Maybe this will even lead to Stark abandoning his beloved program and manipulate the Extremis into an armor to benefit him. So with all that being said I don't think Simon Pegg would be cast as Pym in Ant-Man. I think that it'll be a serious role similar to the the Hank Pym we see in the Ultimate Avengers animations. However, Simon Pegg as Eric O'Grady as an easter egg comedy relief would be awesome. Take notes Edgar Wright!

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Obviously I am a Deadpool fan (My username) but pure logic unfortunately will stop Deadpool in his tracks. If you recall from an issue of Cable & Deadpool, Deadpool can be reduced to as much as a puddle and still regenerate. However, if Batman were to accomplish this meltdown such as before he could then freeze the Deadpool puddle with one of his many devices and thus store the Deadpool popsicle in the Batcave freezer to never bother another soul again. Sorry Wade... I love ya but you're outmatched kiddo!

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It's actually the 'Battle Royale' logo. A movie that came out in Japan and was ripped off by Hunger Games author to be released in America and Europe.

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I think Jack Huston would be great. He was really good in Shrooms!

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It says "Agent M".... I wonder who that's supposed to be!?