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Scarlett Johansson.

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Best anime ever.

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Both interesting. But I voted Thor to see the results.

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Pym for me.

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@saren said:

If Hitler had eased off on the Jews, would 20th century xenophobia instead be defined by what Japan got up to during World War II? Because the highest estimates say Hitler had 6 million Jews, Romani and other such "undesirables" killed, but the highest estimates put the Japanese kill tally at 10 million Chinese, Korean and various other Asian groups. Between that and doing their level best to try and turn China into a giant rape camp, I'm always surprised the Nazis get more (deserved, certainly) flak for World War II than Japan did. Maybe it was the nukes.

I have some thoughts on why Japan gets less flak.

1.) The West is more connected and vocal about what happened during WW2. Look around the internet and you see vocal Westerners on every forum(nothing wrong with that). You don't see Pinoys, Thais, Koreans, or mainland Chinese visiting the sites we do.

2.) People love everything Japanese these days, from Anime to video games to J-pop even to AV idols. What does Germany offer? Great engineering for sure, but I doubt teenagers really care about that. And teenagers are the most vocal.

3.) Ignorance. Everyone knows the Jews were gassed in WW2. People know Japan commit atrocities but to what degree? Most of my friends didn't know Unit 731 exists. Most don't know about the twisted ways Japan tortured captive Allied troops. The way they killed babies etc.

I live in Asia, when Japan got hit by the Tsunami, literally 8/10 of my friends list on FB were posting stuff like 'Stay strong Japan' or posting videos with captions like 'watching this made me cry'. When hurricane Katrina or the typhoon is Phillipines happened, not ONE of my friends posted anything. I'm sure my friend's list on FB doesn't represent everyone, but I've been around long enough to see that people generally paints Japan in a positive light.

One of my friend's asked me if given the chance I would like to live in Japan and I said no because Japan is a stressful nation to live in. He then went on and on about how Japan is a beautiful country and the stress is only in Tokyo. Oh boy.

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Ms Marvel.

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I don't think there's 1.

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