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Charlie Brown.

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I really like this character... I should use her more.

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Just get those two things done then write the snow fight thing : )

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@Pyrogram said:

@hudyman said:

@deathbymanga: @Mei

With too much food in her mouth, Mei could only respond with a shake of her head at the doctor. Her way to tell him that she didn't have any siblings.

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(Big mistake, buster. I'll be back! It's 3:20 AM now, I need a nap.)

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@Pyrogram: Fake Smile, the trench coat bandit, had managed to run all the way to an old, no-longer-running power station where she plopped herself down on a seat in the old station's outer security booth. She panted, grinning. Whoever that man was he was strong, she could have died but that was the point. "I'll kill him next time, " she said, wiping sweat off her brows with her forearm.

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@Rumble Man: Bestie tucked and rolled at an angle to dodge his first snowball, but it was total fake-out! She took a soft blow to the hip and shot him an annoyed glance once she regained her footing. Truth was, though, she was actually having fun. Taking a handful of snow in each of her hands, Mei blasted off like an olympic sprinter to close the distance between her and Rome, firing off her snowballs with deadly precision, one flying at his sternum and the other directed at his face. Immediately she dashed away, yelling, "Did I get ya?" as she ran up the slide of a large castle-like play structure where she took cover in one if its windowed 'towers'.

Meanwhile, Cam and Kelly washed the sticky ice cream off of their faces with some snow and watched on from behind their little bench.

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@Pyrogram: (Keep bluffing. I actually have one ^__^ I'll be back. I have an appointment with an old samurai guy)

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@Pyrogram: (I don't think you realize how easy you're making it for me to make my next move.. but I digress ^__^)