Superman vs Martian Manhunter

Who would win in a fight between the last son of krypton and the last green martian? (No kryptonite and no fire, besides superman's heat vision)

Superman's powers include: super strength, super speed, invulnerability, x-ray, heat and microscopic vision, arctic breathe, super hearing and flight

Martian Manhunters powers include: super strength, super speed, high durability (not invulnerability), telepathy, shape shifting, intangibility (phasing), martian vision (kind of like heat vision), super hearing and flight.

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Posted by capall2

this has been done many times over already...supes only have an advantage on raw strength, martian manhunter has wider range of abilities that would grant him the victory more often then not if this was a serious fight...

Posted by WillPayton

Been done. And, Superman has no chance.

Posted by menaceforever

Mercy can't get a break

Posted by JediXMan

Been done, MM wins.

Posted by SuperPrime1M

Martian Manhunter beats him physically and mentally.

Posted by Mercy_