my dark knight rises theory was right, partially. (spoiler)

just saw the dark knight rises and i have to say that it was freaking awesome. if you read my blog about my dark knight rises theory, then you will know that my theory was partially correct. batman didn't die but we find out that john blake is actually dick grayson/ robin. (which is awesome) so, do you guys think that warner bros will make more batman movies with joseph gordon levitt as nightwing or do you think that they will just reboot batman and forget about robin.

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@megamoses10: Oh, They'll def reboot.

I don't see them taking a chance on a night wing movie

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@utotheg38 said:

@megamoses10: Oh, They'll def reboot.

I don't see them taking a chance on a night wing movie

The idea of a Nightwing movie seems unbelievably awesome,but I agree

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I hear its awesome... cant waite to see it.

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I wasn't predicting Robin on this one and I found it really far-fatched for him to appear.

Turns out I was right about Batman dying and Bruce Wayne surviving. I guessed that would happen for a long time.

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A reboot is inevitable.

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Screw it, the spoiler option on here sucks..

I'll just say great movie I'm guessing only THOSE people showed know the real truth about Bruce at the end hint hint.

And why didn't a certain someone off Batman when they had the chance? Yeah..THAT person.

That's all I'll say without giving anything away. Otherwise, DKR>>>>Avengers

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I feel like it was only added at the end to make viewers go "ooooooooo"...nothing will actually come out of it.