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Zatanna would make her heart glow red everytime it beats to get more popular.
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Anyone know
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Many reasons Popeye would win 

Reasons Popeye would win.

-Popeye once lifted the earth in one of the Fleischer shorts that was spoofing Greek Mythology.

-He dog paddled an island that both he and Olive Oyl were stranded on back to the mainland.

-With a lasso, he pulled the Grand Canyon together just so he could reach Bluto on the other side

-He knocked a comet that would have destroyed the earth into tiny bits.

-He punched Bluto so hard, Bluto hit the full moon, which was blown apart so that only a crescent was left

-He pulled the moon closer to earth

-He stopped a martian invasion by punching the fleet all the way back to Mars.

- He pulled the world's continents back together again with only a lasso.

-He knocked Bluto so hard, Bluto broke through the time stream and deaged into an infant

-He knocked Bluto so hard, he destroyed the constellations and altered the night sky.

-He lassoed the sun and pulled it up just so the morning would come quicker.

-He blew the sun out like a candle so he could get some private time with Olive Oyl.

-In an episode spoofing Exodus where he played Moses, he got tired of waiting for God and parted the Red Sea himself.

-He becomes a master of any discipline after taking spinach. He led a twenty man band, where he was the band himself, became a master musician, master sculptor, brilliant scientist, and a master magician.

-Taking spinach renders him immune to magic. Bluto once tried to turn him into a frog, but he punched the spell back at Bluto. Also Zeus tried to zap Popeye with a lightning bolt, but Popeye punched it back at him, thus defeating Zeus by frying him.

-Popeye can ressurect himself from the dead with spinach. His nephews force fed some to his lifeless body. Popeye's soul returned to his body, which got up and proceeded to beat the crap out of Bluto.

-Popeye resisted being wiped out of existence by an animator. His pipe was fed spinach, Popeye willed himself back, and then he beat up the animator. Which brings me to...

-Popeye can break the 4th wall. A real boy in the movie audience threw some spinach into the screen to Popeye. Popeye got up and hit Bluto so hard, Bluto was knocked into the real world.

-Popeye can resist mind control after eating spinach. An evil hypnotist hypnotized Popeye into thinking he was a chicken. Popeye ate some spinach, snapped out of it, and then counter hypnotized the hypnotist into thinking he was a baby.

-Popeye once ate an entire field of spinach to repel a Martian Invasion. He punched through a Martian disentegration beam, grabbed a flying saucer, threw it like a frisbee, and made it ricochet off the entire Martian invasion fleet like a pin ball. After all the Martian ships crashed, the ensuing explosion spelled the word "TILT" across the skyline.
-Popeye has ran down Bluto, on foot, while Bluto was speeding away in a racecar in an attempt to kidnap Olive Oyl.
-Popeye has ran down, and ran past (on numerous occasions), a speeding locomotive to save Olive Oyl, who was tied to the tracks, from being ran over. On one occasion, rather than untying her, he punched the speeding train and turned it into a pipe organ.
-Popeye singlehandedly laid track for a speeding train and punched through mountains to make tunnels for the train so that it could get to it's destination near the coal mines.
-Popeye has leaped into the air and punched out fighter jets in mid flight.
-Popeye can fly like a fighter jet by spinning his pipe like a propelor and sticking out his arms like wings. When provoked, Popeye can use his pipe as a jet engine propelling himself through the air at mach speeds, even launching himself into space. Popeye can also survive re-entry and falls from sub-orbital heights.
-Popeye has punched fast enough to deflect hundreds of rounds of machine gun fire at close range with his bare fists.
-Popeye has chewed up steel beams and spit the metal out as bullets, nails, and rivets.
-Popeye on numerous occasions has punched people and accompanying objects into cages, cabins, tents, tepees, stuffed animals, toys, etc. On one occasion Popeye was attacked by a Giant Octopuss while he was diving for pearls. Popeye punched the octopuss and turned it into a Merry-Go-Round.
- During WWII, Popeye punched out a fleet of German battleships into individual cages to imprison over 100 Nazi soldiers. Popeye also punched through the gunfire of 10 Nazi fighter jets, in mid air, and punched the planes to splinters that formed a fence and imprisoned the pilots as they landed with their parachutes. He also got a medal of honor from Eisenhower.     
-Popeye can destroy all elements, Water Fire Thunder & Air when powered up with spinach. 
Popeye would destroy Captain Planet.

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The question   is just about Ivy noticing her heart beating is visible.
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Anyone know

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What if Poison Ivy had a natural visible heart beat that made a part of her top right breast move a little. Would that scare her or not at all?.
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